ROAD TRIP & House Tour!

ROAD TRIP & House Tour!

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Shelby Church & Hairodynamic vlogs road trip!
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In this installment of Shelby and Monica vlogs Shelby church takes a road trip with Tara and Remi! This is a travel vlog where we leave LA to go to palm springs. I give you a house tour of our palm springs house, we go shopping at target and go in the hot tub! If you guys don’t know tara and remi, their channels are Tara Michelle and Missremiashten, go subscribe to them because they’re awesome! 🙂 They also have vlogs channels and vlogged this trip so you can check that out too.

34 thoughts on “ROAD TRIP & House Tour!”

  1. That house has the same set up/kitchen/pool/yard as the one Jenna Marbles and Julien stayed at this past weekend. I bet that was a neighbor's Airbnb of the one you stayed at.

  2. the rental house you're staying in looks VERY similar to the one Leo's character lives in in "catch me if you can" in the 70s (:

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