Paranormal Activity Captured on Lubbock Man’s Video Surveillance

Paranormal Activity Captured on Lubbock Man's Video Surveillance

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After reviewing his home security camera footage, a Lubbock, Texas man was surprised to find that wooden blinds on a door were moving on their own. He has no idea what could have possibly moved these blinds. He’s caught this phenomenon on camera at least three times.

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4 thoughts on “Paranormal Activity Captured on Lubbock Man’s Video Surveillance”

  1. Just what Lubbock needs — more dubious publicity. You want to know what's really creepy in Lubbock? It's all of the politicians that hide behind property valuation increases far in excess of inflation and tell us they didn't increase our property tax rate.

  2. someone could easily be at the bottom of the blinds off camera doing this, or using a string, etc. Also, what kind of angle is this for surveillance LOL

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