My life in Russia: Sidney Divine from Alaska, USA

My life in Russia:  Sidney Divine from Alaska, USA

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Credit to RBTH
Sidney came to Russia in search of language practice and new impressions: “Even if you return home after staying in Russia, the skills you acquire here will be useful for adopting to anything anywhere”.
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Credit: Ricardo Marquina
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20 thoughts on “My life in Russia: Sidney Divine from Alaska, USA”

  1. it is difficult to learn for me. I'm mexican, I speak japanesse too. but the hardest "tones" for me is German, Mandarin and russian

  2. It is difficult to make friends with Russians because they hate the US.   They blame
    the US for all their problems!!   This is a fact, so be careful what you are doing!!
    You are just a little girl and don't know where you are at!!

  3. Russia sold Alaska to the U.S for 2 pennies per acre not thinking it had any resources…..surprised! That purchase was the biggest loss in Russian history!

  4. I only wish Education in America was looked at as it is in the rest of the world (Russian, Japan and China especially) this Entitled BS that is America makes me sick.
    Now, how did this get on my 'recommended' list?!? Good job on telling me what I should watch Google… YOU SUCK!

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