Most Haunted Places In Kentucky

Most Haunted Places In Kentucky

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These are what I believe to be the ten most haunted places in the Bluegrass State.


Photo of Paramount Arts Center By:Youngamerican
Photo of Grandview Cemetery Map, Jailer’s Inn, and Bobby Macky’s: Google Maps
Photo of Pope Lick Creek: Ihcoyc

30 thoughts on “Most Haunted Places In Kentucky”

  1. I live about a mile or 2 away from Waverly sanitarium, lived here all my life. Had friends play up there after closing being chased by dogs etc… But ive only been up there once a few years ago because they now only use it at this time of year for Halloween and is a big haunted house, what better place to have a scary time lol. They also have tours throughout the year and you can also stay all night if you can dare it. Yes it was creepy. But was a great time

  2. Bobby Mackey's Bar & Waverly Hills is the creepiest places in my opinion, I've been there on many ghost hunts and they don't disappoint, I get paranormal activity every time !

  3. Bobby Mackeys should have been number 1. But the most haunted places can't be put on the list cause the owners don't want their property publicized.

    Kasey cemetery was cleansed. activity is almost zero there.

    waverly hills is a waste of time. I would like to visit it but not for ghost. I love to see that gothic architecture.

  4. I’m from Ashland but now live in Lexington. I’ve heard so many stories of paramount Joe and how he gets mad if people take down his photos. I used to perform in some plays when I was a kid. Backstage and the halls where the dressing rooms are always gave me the creeps. But it is a beautiful building inside and out

  5. What about the Kentucky State Penitentiary in Eddyville it's old, its had a lot of depression on the populace there in the prison. It has and probably still has its share of violence against human beings, murders, rapes, suicides, stabbings. No offense but it makes Waverley Hills look like a kindergarten. Sorry there's no doubt there are other diabolical forces at work there.

  6. One day someone doing a video about Kentucky will actually learn to say Louisville correctly. I still wait for that day.

  7. I hear lick creek cemetery in Charleston Kentucky is haunted. I have heard about glowing eyes and ghosts being spotted there

  8. Waverly Hills, I grew up in Valley Station / Louisville. As A teenager I spent many nights inside that old place and have been all through it including the tunnels that went far below ground to outlet at the railroad tracks. Yeah the place is creepy but as far as ghost , I'd be unsure if there's any real threat of that.  Most of what used to scare people were hobos living in some of the rooms in the basement who haunted the place and started rumors to keep people out so they wouldn't be found. Nice that it's become a tourist interest name is painted in several places throughout the building, or at least it used to be.

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