Gay Protest in Salt Lake City

Gay Protest in Salt Lake City

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A Proposition 8 Protest outside the LDS Church in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Produced by Akbar Ahmed
Directed and produced by Craig Considine

10 thoughts on “Gay Protest in Salt Lake City”

  1. They are in Utah because the LDS church spent TONS of money to keep Prop 8. To keep their personal beliefs in the world. Seperation of church and state. Don't worry, they will change their veiws like they did on black people in 1978.

  2. It is refreshing to see demonstrators speaking up for human rights in the heart of the Mormon domain. These are men and human who believe in freedom, democracy and human rights, and who understand that Washington, DC, is the capital of the United States of America, and not Salt Lake City.

  3. @seanarther

    This is a good point. Fundamentalist Muslim groups have been major promoters of hatred and discrimination against gays, both here and abroad. For any Muslim to argue otherwise is to be both dishonest and hypocritical. All one has to to do is search on YouTube, and one can find videos of bigoted Muslim clerics arguing that homosexuals should be murdered.

  4. Yes, you have quoted correctly. It does not state a separation but clearly a prohibition of lawsof any governmental interference . There is no lawagainst anyone who chooses not to believe in anything or everything. Many in the government today honor the old pagan/celtic religion of Earth worship. Making rocks, trees and wildlife greater than human kind. That is probably the closest that we come to state sponsored religion.

  5. can someone tell where in the constitution is found the "separation" of church and state.
    I'm sitting here reading and researching and
    I can't find it….and please do not tell me it's
    in the first amendment ….it's not…..

  6. 2 things I will say: The mormon church was not even the strongest religious supporter of prop 8.
    And second, just so you see how we are misinformed about the constitution, there is no such thing as church and state separation in it, it only forbids the imposing of an official religion.

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