Defending Mormonism & Joseph Smith | Jeff – Utah | Atheist Experience 21.10

Defending Mormonism & Joseph Smith | Jeff - Utah | Atheist Experience 21.10

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The Atheist Experience 21.10 for March 12, 2017 with Matt Dillahunty and John Iacoletti.

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27 thoughts on “Defending Mormonism & Joseph Smith | Jeff – Utah | Atheist Experience 21.10”

  1. There was a point where the idea of god comforted me when I was alone. Now that I'm an atheist and studying late hours, sometimes I get very lonely and so I just put the Atheist Experience on in the background and it has the same effect. Thanks guys

  2. You two were so kind and respectful to this misguided gentleman. You allowed him to be vulnerable and admit he had doubts about his beliefs. Thank you for what you do.

  3. I lived in Oregon and moved to Utah 7 years go… god damn this is creepy. (Video is 1 year old so it was 6 years at the time of this video)

    I'm an ex Mormon (now atheist) which makes it all worse.

  4. This is what I like about many Mormons. Of those I've met in my life, they've all been kind and respectful and quick to apologize for any unintended offense. I feel for this caller and am kinda glad he took this to heart, and that Matt didn't beat him down. Matt and Jeff were very helpful in guiding the man to reexamine his faith.

  5. A prank call from Seth Andrew's? Lol, It sounds like him, a bit, and this caller didn't seem serious at all. Very interesting indeed. Come on, this caller was hilarious.

  6. Anachronisms, Recanted witnessing of the plates, Faked translations, Seer stones to find treasure and to 'translate' plates, BOM text which borrows from books that were extant at the time of writing the BOM. There are far too many evidences of Mormonism being an invention of Joseph Smith.

  7. What the hell is the difference between Mormons and Christianity same god, same delusions, same bone head belief system, same fallacy.

  8. Be careful. There are a lot of Mormon Mormon Mormon Mormon Apollogists who could really give Testimony here.

    Just wait! 😛

  9. The foundation of Jeff's argument is 'half-butt'. I bet he's a nice guy in person, though. Mormons seem pretty congenial in my experience.

  10. Your prediction of 2000 years and mormonism has buried the path of truth and are more popular that christianity… Shivers…. GOODNESS

  11. never heard the expression "half-butt" before. But I suppose if you're going to hear it, it might as well come from a Mormon.

  12. All religions are created by frauds i see no differance in any of dem they all are cults and can be dangerous politics btw i see as the same whenever a mass of people who believe blindly in anything or anyone are the real danger to humankinds survival

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