Breanna died, went to Heaven, and returned!! (Full Testimony)

Breanna died, went to Heaven, and returned!! (Full Testimony)

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Listen to this amazing testimony of 18 year old Breanna Gilbert, who was dead for close to 40 minutes, went briefly to hell, was rescued by the Lord, went to Heaven, and returned.
Recorded at Lake County Church in Fort Worth, Texas, posted 8/25/17 and 8/27/17 (this is the two put together and edited for time and content)
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May God bless you!!!

46 thoughts on “Breanna died, went to Heaven, and returned!! (Full Testimony)”

  1. Bless your and your family we are not promised another day live it to the best you can. When visited heaven I saw grass and a little red headed girl playing alone I asked her who was watching her she took m ed to him it was Jesus sitting o. The park bench I nelt down and he grab my had so I asked who was that little girl he told me all will be reviled soon.i also what he wanted from me he looked at me and said you will lead 600. Then woosh I was back in bed.

  2. People want to hear about heaven and Jesus yet the most talk is about stuff on Earth. We are here for Jesus not doctors and hospitals etc.etc. etc.

  3. So sweet. Not sure about some things, like her wondering if you can lie in front of God. She never said anything about Jesus. She went to hell and I am not sure if repentance in heaven is when she was born again. Not sure about the "God doesn't hear prayers in our head so well." Hmmm, the mother of Samuel might disagree. So when was she born again? while in heaven? Was she saved from eternal hell by God's mercy while they were talking on the grass? When the angel gave her a choice to stay why would she be in heaven if she died as an unsaved person? I'm just trying to reconcile her testimony with my understanding of theology and salvation. Perhaps she once had a faith and fell away before she died. I don't doubt that she is now a born-again Christian and her baptism at the end is great. I just find it odd that Jesus wasn't really spoken about.

  4. No matter what religion you believe in, what sexuality orientation, what social status – no matter who you are. You are a child of God! Much love to you all <3

  5. I went to hell too but I was in total confusion, all I did just come up in front me , I couldn't put the pieces together. All my life experiences was like a puzzle that I couldn't put the pieces together. God spoke to me and I had to cover my head, I was in shame, I knew I was in shame , I had cover my head, I had recently cut my hair off with scissors.

  6. Brianna could you pray for me? I have 3 plates and a bunch of screws in my leg. I'm not sure if I'll walk again. I'm also in need of housing. Wonderful experience you had and have.

  7. I was in car wreck June 20,2016 I was on life support &coma. I BELIEVE YOU! I've seen things too. I had no water & an Angel gave me water. The thirst was horrible tell The Angel gave me WATER!

  8. Don't do drugs kids it's not worth it seriously it can get you in this position that's scary I'm glad she's alive thank you Jesus

  9. Hi, I am Deaf and Hard of hearing. This video made me so touching and powerful that God can make me so BIG AWAKE.. I am Christian and I am living with the Lord since when I got saved at the age of 12 this time and then I serve the Lord for about almost 20th. years. God is so good. GO tell the lost soul who don't know about Christ and that's how you will do this anytime. Thank you for your sharing a beautiful testimony.

  10. after seeing this i will treat my life better because i have done brutal things to my life. i hope this doesn't happen to anyone else

  11. if sum1 watches this beautiful young woman and doesn't believe in Christ then you have serious issues ! What a beautiful soul some of the most powerful things I've ever heard and it came from an 18 yr old addict

  12. I am so in love with Jesus
    Giving myself back to him truly saved me and my family unbelievable how ppl see you transfer into love and want that as well.Ppl asked me what happened to you and I said I gave myself back to Jesus ❤️ god bless all of you beautiful ppl

  13. Absolutely beautiful!!! GOD IS AMAZING! I looove love love him.. And now I’m not so afraid to meet him! Hopefully I go to heaven and not hell! && I hope my grandmother is in heaven!! God bless ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


  15. I pray that this young lady saw God.but the word describes hell differently than her testimony .also the dead cannot cross a void that separates use from the dead.Please i mean this for good not for anything negative.i just want the word to be put out there too

  16. God have mercy on me I am a sinner I need jesus in my life i have made many mistakes for my god I need a chance I need you to changed me i wanna see heaven but how my life is a messy right now I am crying dealing stress but I don't wanna do anything bad to my self I wanna have jesus christ in my heart I am trying but it can't work I curse I speak to my older wrong but I know all that is devel is work he want to take me away from you jesus christ I love you and I want to have you in my heart

  17. I was a atheist went to prison and in 2007 I dreamt of God ur right once u meet God u will never b the same.I went from a abused addicted atheist to a Prophetic Minister

  18. my niece when through a similar thing and God healed her. She didn't go to heaven nor did she go to hell but we are Glad she is ok. Brianna Gilbert you are such a sweet young girl thank you so much for sharing your story it truly blessed my heart. God's gonna use you and he is going to bless you for your courage and obedience. thanks again sweetie by the way you have a wonderful family and you all have an amazing wonderful church family as well. What a beautiful end of a tragic story. Satan comes to steal kill and destroy but Jesus came to give life and life more abundantly.

  19. I know the pain of loosing a child. I am so glad you all got another chance. The pain of loosing my Daughter is like no other pain. It’s pain for the rest of your life. Keep each other close cause life is way too short. My Daughter was 10 1/2 years old.

  20. I've had a similar experience, I have read of other people having the same similar experience. Thousands of people can't be wrong, this light we speak of, this warmest beautiful brightest blinding love of light, it's God.

  21. My name is Anthony Dale Haugen I have died several times mostly in car accidents the last time was in a car accident I was floating about 500 feet off the air in the air I should say I could see the whole freeway everything that was going on all the fire trucks ambulances the second time I went was due to a very large infection to my leg and I was at Mayo Clinic and I seen exactly what Brianna seen I seen the white light I seen Jesus it looks it was just so peaceful there and nice it felt like I just never wanted to leave and of course when I came back I had this real strong piece it's like everything that I had done in the world for sin was gone it is like he wiped my soul clean I don't know how to explain it but I know the people that seen me walking about and talking and telling testimonies they could see it in me it was like Jesus was Within Me it's hard to explain I guess but everything is very peaceful and I could see what she seeing I can see who the true Christians were and who wasn't I've had several experiences in life I've never seen hell I've always seen heaven Ann I thank God for not seeing hell I don't want to see it to be honest with you and I'm the same way I always sleep with a night-light or some form of light I just don't want to be alone either God's always been there for me and I don't live a life like other people in the world anyway I live very simple man God knows I do I mean my ex-wife she kind of left me with nothing but I've got a van and I travel around a live here in a live there and I see things you know I just live a different life than most I've had problems with law enforcement they think something's going on but there's nothing going on I just live this way this is the way I live my ex-wife she really hurt me mentally I still love her I hate her too but I've gotten over it but she divorced I think a lot of my experiences God wants me to share with other people because their testimonies maybe where other men are struggling you know with relationships or what's going on so sometimes I feel it's a need for me to speak out and I was in love with this girl after my ex-wife Christy Williams I met her in Montana never been able to find her again I'm still in love with her I got in a bad car accident or was it in December 2015 I believe it was January 2015 and I was never able to get back to Montana where she was at cuz I was stuck in Iowa I've been in Iowa ever since never been able to get back to North Dakota or Montana I fell in love with her she lived in Plentywood Montana at the time I knew she lived in Texas and California and God I don't know if she's alive or not I mean she knew how I lived and I knew how she lived and we had our own thing going on I'm still in love with her today I just can't find her that's the way it goes I guess that's life I tell you what if I ran into her hide merrier I would marry her if I could find her I'm currently living in Ames Iowa

  22. This story is real, I experienced blackness for so long than bright light so bright but didn't hurt my eyes. Gods voice radiates through you and an unconditional love you'll never feel by anyone but God.

  23. We are given a short life to live and you do not know the day you will pass. I've been in the same situation as this girl and God works through these people to share his message to the world before it's too late. There is a Heaven and Hell and the unbelievers will NOT be saved and sent to Hell for Eternity. They can mock the Word of God and twist it around to there liking but the Word is God. Become born again Christians through Jesus.

  24. this is an amazing testament and speechless at this point. Breanna you are awesome and I'm glad you survived to share this with all of us to shed light on what things like this can do. things like doing drugs or alcohol but the most important message here is to have faith and to always follow the word of god.

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