BREAKING TRUMP to Samantha Bee you’re fired Liberal Double Standard Roseanne Cancelled June 3 2018

BREAKING TRUMP to Samantha Bee you're fired Liberal Double Standard Roseanne Cancelled June 3 2018

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  2. Sam Bee's comment, like she admits, was over the line. However, it's very different from Roseanne's. Bee's emotional reaction is based on the principle that children should be protected. Roseanne's comment was not anchored in any principle, it was just a cheap racist joke. What is offensive is that Trump claims to be an adherent to a religion whose Lord directed his followers that showing love for him should be expressed for caring for the least among them.

  3. She needs to be immediately fired! Much worse! This is the president's daughter! Can you imagine if Roseanne or anyone else said that about Obama's daughters?

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