9 thoughts on “US Attorney General Loretta Lynch delivers final speech in Birmingham”

  1. you stupid bitch you do not know the lord. she is a god hating person she calls for war do not be deceived by this donkey looking bitch if i were near her id want to slap the lying words out of her mouth then she could go running down the middle of the road and i would ride her back like the ass she is bahhahHAHA.

  2. you and obama are a disgrace to the usa along with hillary.lynch should be in prison i hope they come after all of you .you are a piece of shit.

  3. DR king stood for justice and equality and peace she stood for neither justice or equality or peace yet she speaks like trying to convince herself she cares

  4. Thank God this FAT BITCH is gone. Drain the swamp of the SYPHILITIC SWAMP RAT LORETTA LYNCH. Good riddance to you lying Cunt. I only pray that US Attorney Sessions puts your fat black ass in prison where you belong. Talk about the embodiment of "Porky The Pig's" sister. Ba dit, ba dit, ba dit, ba dit, that's all folks…

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