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Robb and Kristy explore an abandoned church and catholic school that was basically untouched by any vandals, only nature. Enjoy!

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  2. Enjoyed this video. I didn't think it's a Catholic church? No confessionals and no Stations of the Cross.
    Some of the names, memoriam, on the windows (Willian Thomson Hanzsche) was a Presbyterian clergyman?
    Some of that glass looked like parian or tiffany style glass beautiful!

  3. Really enjoyed this vlog. Those stained glass windows are beautiful. And I liked those rows of encyclopedias. Can’t find those these days. Thanks mucho. Still obsessed…pr

  4. Sadly… No need to cry America. Ironic but this the reason why some choose Donald Trump. Americans keep abandoning their faith. So sad… sorry

  5. i watched all your vids, i cant believe HOW MANY places are rotting empty in the states, its odd to me, you just dont find that shit here in Canada, the odd house or store left , but nothing even close to what the states has. i dont get it, maybe cause the real estate is in such demand here. something is for sale its gone within weeks, if its left abandoned for more than a month, someone will buy it, demolish and build new, land is worth gold here.

    ……….and forget my point. lol ?!

  6. Fantastic explore, the church seems Episcopal, it has the wood work common in Episcopal church's and it's also missing the stations of the Cross or their niche's traditional to Catholic churches. It would be interesting to see the sacristy behind the alter, there would be more clues to the denomination. I never saw a Catholic church without a crucifix somewhere. Love the church explore's, great job.

  7. This was a very nice gift to see from you good people.  And for once hardly any vandalism.  But this also makes me sad because I am afraid none of this will be saved.  The windows, all the useful furnishings, the wonderful books, teaching tools, toys, desks all could be used in the USA were schools have almost nothing.  The beautiful things should be in a museum or reused  for replacements where natural disasters or evil vandals have ruined things.  Even the wonderful wood and wood work, the hanging lights and pews will go to waste.  So very, very sad.  Thank you for save some of this beauty.

  8. Even in the darkness, it is beautiful! The stain windows are gorgeous! There are many expensive items, so it is shame that they are not being used by someone else. I have watched several of your videos, and they are becoming more organized and less cursing comments. What an improvement! You both have a good personality that portrays through your filming. Please, do not change your enthusiasm, down to Earth narrating, and respect for places that you video. It is enjoyable to watch younger generations spend their time in a positive and productive way. Also, how do you hold your camera while filming with one hand? Do you use some sort of handle?

  9. LOVE THE VIDEO!!!!! one question though how do u see with the ray bans inside always wondered every video so thought id ask?

  10. I'm not understanding why the church didn't donate the things that could be used,or even auctioned off to raise money for charity. There were so many antiques in the church. Those stained glass windows would have sold really fast. The church pews would too.
    It is a shame all that beauty is just left to ruin.

  11. Very cool. You two rock. My wife and I love watching all of the places you've been and this one is one of the best. Love the stained glass work, vaulting, etc. Can't believe people just up and leave this kind of work behind and it's never reclaimed! Someone salvage all of that glass and woodwork before it's rotted and gone! We're not even religious but have a profound appreciation for this kind of craftsmanship. Keep it up RNK and we'll keep watching All Day 🙂

  12. Well  the church is not a catholic church so if the school goes with it then that would not be catholic either. Maybe it is Presbyterian or something.

  13. urban decay ! pictures of black children that may have attended school there! i think you explored a college that was the same story ! So sad !

  14. Glad to see it was not torn up by vandals! The stained glass was amazing! Great video! Excited to see what's next! Peace! 🙂

  15. A beautiful building. Such a shame it's been left there. I just hope no one does decide to vandalise it. I'm not very religious, but I do strongly believe that no place of worship, no matter what religion, should be vandalised in any way.

  16. Wow, place is gorgeous, and huge. Good to see no vandals have found it…yet (the little punks will, eventually). Also sad to see Holy ground go rotting away like this. Man, I'd love to know the history on it, and what the deal is with it closing and the school, too.

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