God’s Acre – Salem Moravian Graveyard, NC

God's Acre - Salem Moravian Graveyard, NC

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God’s Acre, located in Winston-Salem, North Carolina has become the traditional name given to the graveyards of Congregations of the Moravian Church. In between God’s Acre is the Salem Cemetery so you can visit two historic cemeteries in the same area.

Moravians believe strongly in equality, even in death; therefore, every stone in a God’s Acre is a recumbent stone with the same proportions and made of the same material so that no one person stands out among the stones. The Communion of Saints is continued even on the graveyard as it reflects the continuity of the congregation. In addition, the deceased are buried by choir; to the Moravians, these were the living groups into which the Congregation was originally divided to meet the needs of the members according to their age and station in life. Originally men and women sat in their choir groups in church at worship. The burial by choir in God’s Acre also reflects the way the members of the congregation sat as a worshipping community so that visually and symbolically the Congregation continues in the graveyard.

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  1. I am honored that you enjoyed the video.  There was something very special about the cemetery and I visited several times while I was in the area.  I hope to be back someday.  I hope you had a nice Easter.  Kim

  2. Thank you for this. I was just there again yesterday for my second Easter Sunrise Service. The one last year was a total washout, but still so very special. The one yesterday was just beautiful, with a gorgeous sunrise and cool temperatures. I have several generations buried there, including my father, aunt, grandparents, great grandmother, etc., as well as many, many ancestors I never met. It's a wonderful cemetery if you're a genealogist, or if you're simply looking for an ancestor. Since they are buried in chronological order, all you need is a death date, and you can walk right up to the gravesite. My father died early last year, and I started coming on Easter in part to support my still grieving step-mother, and experience what they had enjoyed for so many years. The service begins in front of Home Moravian Church, which is in the Salem historic area, and which was also founded in 1771 (hence the cemetery) and then everyone takes the short walk to the cemetery where the service continues. Brass bands play, and thousands attend, rain or shine, and it's impossible to not feel the Spirit, or not be spiritually moved.

  3. Hi TheHumpetydumpety! Please send me your email and I will send pictures for you 🙂 How many did you want? I'm glad to help. Kim

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