Jacksonville Passion Play 2017

Jacksonville Passion Play 2017

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Featuring a choir, cast, and orchestra of more than 400, the 2017 Jacksonville Passion Play encompasses the entire story of redemption, beginning with Creation.

“And I, if I am lifted up from the earth, will draw all men to Myself.”-John 12:32




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12 thoughts on “Jacksonville Passion Play 2017”

  1. So much effort! I enjoyed everything! The costumes, the big smile on Jesus face, the singing, dancing and the children. So much talent! Thank you for sharing, I feel incredibly blessed tonight!

  2. I guess they feel the need to top the performance every year, but I think they should go back to the basic story of the Gospel, because all that side story is getting in the way, I think. (For instance, just end with Jesus rising from the grave, maybe with the keys to Death and Hell already in hand.)

  3. I was wondering how you nailed Jesus to the cross so convincingly ? My church is trying to figure that out next year, we don’t want it to seem like an effect

  4. So full of God's Presence and Anointing from start to finish….the complete story of redemption. Awesome job FBC JAX! To God be the Glory!

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