Well… that was SICK! – Trail 409.5 – Mountain Biking Crested Butte Colorado

Well... that was SICK! - Trail 409.5 - Mountain Biking Crested Butte Colorado

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Randy is all hopped up on halapeno chips and gave’r the beans on this one.

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30 thoughts on “Well… that was SICK! – Trail 409.5 – Mountain Biking Crested Butte Colorado”

  1. As one of the "faster friends" of Soft Taco Matt, I'm disgusted and ashamed about the hate spewed in his direction… He can't help it he was raised on white castle challenges and Ford Mustang burnouts in the Motor city. Not much couth or compassion in this community… sad, very big sad, much sad. #JusticeForTacoMatt #PlightOfTheDetroit-er

  2. Once again, you guys have 10x the skill I will ever have. But please, if you're not skilled enough to consistently stay on trail at that speed, then you need to slow down. And how did you not see the rider up ahead? Why approach from behind so fast? These are the exact reasons why we lose access to nice things. I get you're from out of town and may not care, but please don't ruin it for the rest of us.

  3. So you've been riding the YT bike 29er (Go Arron Gwin!!!!!!!) but i honestly started watching your videos because i bought a Santa Cruz Bronson M and saw your ride one too. Still watch your videos because of your riding, which is f-ing sick. How does the bikes stack up against each other? What are something that you pros and cons if any? Just wanted to know your opinion. Apologize if this has already been asked!

  4. Rodeo style. That's what your riding style is called. I finally figured it out.

    Rodeo -> Insane speed from youth induced confidence coupled with racecraft and a shitload of natural talent.

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