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Bible prophecy fulfilled: another End Times warning to America/Babylon!


  1. WHY DID THE GUILTY OWNER LIVE? Two part answer I believe…1 – Far more painful to live and WATCH your family die before you. 2 – The attention of this event will inspire people to pray for this man, and PERHAPS the 'miracle of conversion/repentance' will occur. LET US PRAY!

  2. Why are you jumping on third eagle's case? He is not the one praying the imprecatory prayer. The elect of God that are killed in the womb are the ones praying it: "Until when, Master, holy and true, do you not judge and avenge our blood on those who dwell on the earth?" (Rev 6:10).

    Psalms 109 shows that imprecatory prayer is only to be done by innocent victims who are defenseless against their enemies.

    For more info, go to: watch?v=4jMk45MnoGY

  3. Those 7's confirm the part about them waiting for their number to be´╗┐ completed. I think the reason why his children died was because the money that paid for the trip came from the deaths of other people's children.

    Good point about Rev 19v2. The 5th seal souls are SERVANTS asking for their BLOOD to be AVENGED, and at the time of their salvation, God "has AVENGED the BLOOD of his SERVANTS out of her hand." If Babylon doesn't die to her sin through repentance, then she will die the hard way.

  4. I really like how well you paint Christians. Let me recap one of your statements, and target an appropriate audience. "God killed your family because God disapproves of abortions." Would you tell that to their face? How inconsiderate to the victims of this tragedy. No wonder some people are against organized religion. I know I will not attend a church that so blatantly shows a negative, hateful attitude. I hope god forgives you for being so cruel.

  5. Well, the plane crashed because the pilot was concerned over weather and wanted to land quickly. He approached Butte from the south, which because of the Highland mountains, creates a severe downdraft into the valley. The small plane could not handle the wind, pilot possibly overcorrected, and crashed. All planes that are scheduled to land in Butte land from the north for that reason, and take off toward the south. -30 year Butte native.

  6. thirdeagle, thank you for making these videos they are quite interesting, and help people prepare for the tribulation.

  7. The numbers 4, 7, 12 and 28 are end times numbers because 4 is the LAST week on a month, 7 is the LAST day in a week, 12 is the LAST month in a year and also the last hour in a day or MIDNIGHT and 28 is the LAST day in a lunar month and also a multiple of 7 and 4. Watch my video : "End Times Hermeneutics".

  8. there is an act named the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act. Through this legislation, a doctor could face up to two years in prison and face civil lawsuits for performing such an abortion.
    The amount of time allowed before it is illegal to have an abortion varys in each state, but every state in the US has strict rules and regulations. In Europe, abortion is usually only allowed up to 12 weeks (18 weeks in Sweden, 21 weeks in the Netherlands, 24 weeks in Great Britain).

  9. (cont.) if the baby happens to pop out and the procedure technically becomes murder. Obama not only supports partial birth abortion but if the baby somehow DOES accidentally survive the abortion attempt, he favors infanticide; in other words Obama wants the baby to be denied any basic necessities like food or water thus insuring the slow, painful death of the child through dehydration and starvation. He has actually supported laws which would allow this barbarism.

  10. If I sounded patronizing, I apologize. You need to understand that abortion is legal in the U.S, throughout all nine months of pregnancy. In a partial birth abortion, (the type specialized in by Abortionist Tiller who was recently murdered) the entire baby is born except for its head, at which point the abortionist thrusts a surgical scissors into the brain through the base of the skull and proceeds to suction out the baby's brain. The biggest complication in partial birth abortion is (cont.)

  11. 'here's a project for you' – sounds pretty patronising to me.
    I am no monster, i do care if the baby can or cannot feel pain when abortion takes place. However, the reason babies are anesthetised when being operated on in the womb, or after having been removed, is because they are developed enough to need anesthetic as they have developed nerves.
    Embryos of the age when abortion would be allowed cannot be operated on; they are not developed enough. The current abortion laws are ethically sound.

  12. I'm not patronizing. I'm just pointing out that you claim to be concerned bout the babies feeling pain and the fact is you could care less. Anesthetizing the baby is mandatory when the baby must be operated on before birth while still in the womb, or lifted out of the womb and replaced after the operation.

  13. please don't try and patronise me, sir. I have done no such thing to you.
    I think any person in their right mind would oppose the use of anesthetic in abortion.
    It would be very hard to get the anesthetic into the balls of cells whilst avoiding the pregnant woman's body, it could potentially be dangerous.
    Also, it would be a useless waste of taxpayer's money as at the stage in development until which abortion is legal the embryo cannot feel, nor is it concious. We are 'SURE' it can't feel pain.

  14. Here's a project for you: try and get Congress to pass a law requiring abortionists to administer an anesthetic to unborn babies so we can be SURE they don't feel pain. Your biggest opposition will come from the baby butchers at Planned Parenthood.

  15. i'll admit that the ultrasound technology is scientific. But the conclusion drawn from the video and the 'squirm' of the embryo is all decided upon by people just from assumption. There is no evidence for that. Also, that documentary is from 1984, it is old and science has advanced since then. The abortion laws have changed now, and have been made, as afore mentioned, so that the ball of cells has no nerves nor any signs of human charactaristics.
    Let's not get prejudice against beliefs, please.

  16. I don't know why you would not consider the actual ultrasound film of an abortion to be scientific evidence, but I must admit, there are none so blind as atheists who will not see.

  17. i don't think aborted babies feel pain as there is scientific evidence that they have no nerves or other pain recepetors at the time of legal abortion. It will take more than a few videos on youtube to uproot scientifically valid evidence.
    These unborn masses of cells are not executed, they are not beings with conciousness, they are nothing more than a ball of cells. After a point abortion becomes unethical, but up until that point, it is fine.
    That's my opinion, but hey, i'm an atheist.

  18. If you don't think aborted babies feel pain, I suggest you watch on YouTube either the "Silent Scream" or "Ultrasound Abortion" and watch the victim baby try to squirm away from the abortionist's curette. Abortion is human sacrifice and will bring God's judgement on our nation for this barbaric practice. What's outrageous is the death penalty for unborn babies. No trial, no jury, no stay of execution. And for what "crime" are these babies executed? They are "unwanted". WOE, WOE, WOE TO AMERICA!

  19. i see you that you take a very reductionist view on subjects such as this. Abortion is legal for a reason, it also has a large amount of restrictions on it so that the embryo will not feel a thing; and cannot be any more than a ball of cells when abortion is carried out.
    I think bigger problems than abortion in the US are the death penalty, which is outrageous, and circumcision.

  20. When Babylon (America & Britain) is burned with fire her destruction comes in one hour, so I think the California fires come more under the category of plagues.

  21. harryfodder, I've had enough of your lies about the Catholic Church. The Vatican is worse than Planned Parenthood? That is a lie from the pit of hell. Go peddle your propaganda somewhere else. YOU ARE BLOCKED!

  22. Blaming the Vatican for Hitler is an even bigger lie! If you don't get over your anti-catholic hatred and bigotry you will NEVER understand end times prophecy. You also need to get out of the "dark ages". 3000 babies died from abortion today in America. 3000 yesterday. 3000 tomorrow. You lie about the Vatican killing millions of people but I am telling you the truth about truly evil organizations like Planned Parenthood.

  23. That's easy. I took your advice and googled "inquisition". I checked the articles in Wiki, Catholic Encyclopedia and the Jewish article. Your claim that the Vatican killed 150 million Christians is a 100 per cent lie.

  24. Why don't YOU do some homework and read how the kings of England, Norway, Denmark and Sweden required ALL Catholics to join the state religions under pain of death. You're one sided view of history betrays your anti-Catholic hatred and bigotry.

  25. Hate is when you say 150 million Christians slain by the Vatican without mentioning all the millions of Catholic martyrs. You need to give some kind of reputable source for that quote, and I DON'T mean DISreputable anti-catholic Jack Chick hate pamphlets.

  26. Well, if you're a good boy scout you learn how to dig a latrine. Try reading Alexander Solzhenitsyn's Gulag Archipelago to find out what life will be like during the tribulation.

  27. The fact that almost the entire population is clueless in itself is a clear sign that God MUST send the Great Tribulation to wake people because they sure are not listening to His prophets.

  28. If you REALLY want to know what the mortal wound is watch my video: "The Antichrist's Deadly wound and Other Mysteries".

  29. You are referring to people who will take the mark of the beast in order to save their lives. All those WILL be cast into hell.

  30. If you really believe we are living is the "worst period in the entire history of mankind" (as Jesus described the Great tribulation), then you are living in a fantasy land. Pretend for a moment that you are a Jew living in Nazi Germany. The GT will be far worse! Jesus said that if he does NOT return, there would be NO flesh left on earth!

  31. You are correct about sharing but first you need to store food and supplies if you want to have something to share. Regarding the marriage feast, that will occur at the Rapture BEFORE the great tribulation.

  32. The only way to understand Satan's motivation is to realize that he hates God, he hates Mary, he hates mankind and mankind can defeat the Antichrist only through Mary's Rosary.

  33. Catholics don't "give their power to the beast". In Revelation 17:17, the TEN KINGS give their power to the beast. The ten kings do NOT symbolize the Catholic Church.

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