RIDING THE HIGHEST MOUNTAIN IN COLORADO – Mt Elbert – Mountain Biking Twin Lakes, Colorado

RIDING THE HIGHEST MOUNTAIN IN COLORADO - Mt Elbert - Mountain Biking Twin Lakes, Colorado

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From 9,600 ft up to 14,439 ft and back down. One of the sickest and toughest rides we’ve done. Getting up to summit is no joke and riding back down is gnarly!


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41 thoughts on “RIDING THE HIGHEST MOUNTAIN IN COLORADO – Mt Elbert – Mountain Biking Twin Lakes, Colorado”

  1. Respect on this one, Ive hiked Mt. Elbert and it was no fun, I cant imagine dragging my bike up with me the whole way.

  2. This is great. How long did it take going up and then how long to go down? I'd assume you had oxygen in your bags? subbed!

  3. One of your best ones yet, remote, natural, chuncky and fast in some sections. This is something to add to the bucket list.

  4. See, i like this channel because if it was practically any other youtuber it would be "crazy hailstorm on biggest mountain in colorado!!"

  5. I'd love to see a video on Pike's, it's an amazing ride. After watching this I'm working out plans to go ride Elbert as soon as possible, it looks amazing.

  6. That's truly incredible you all pulled this off. I've hiked a fourteneer in CO, Mt. Antero, i couldn't begin to imagine hiking it with a bike then descending it! You guys are some badass MOFO's!!!

  7. At first I was disappointed that y'all didn't ride to the top. Earn your turns, and all that. Then I read the hiking reports from Alltrails and contemplated all the factors of hiking/riding at that altitude. Tunnel vision? Altitude sickness? Damn! That's a serious hike, and I hadn't even considered the idea of getting caught in an electrical storm. Pretty neat accomplishment just getting to the top. Great vid as usual.

  8. Nice! That trail had a little of everything. I have NO IDEA how you guys could breathe well enough to push to the top from 12K to 14K feet. That HAD to suck. We were witness to the fitness. I think I would have been crying in the first few minutes of riding back down when it looked like you were losing elevation so quickly. The rock section at the 5:00 mark looked like a blast, and then it looked like some good flow in and out of the Aspens. Great recap, and fearless riding as always!

  9. Awesome riding … Please can you do a comparison between your bike and the Jeffsy , both on my short list and struggling to decide which one to go for ….

  10. By far my favorite mtb channel, you guys ride insanely fast and can shred, started my own channel, check it out!

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