Watch Black Church Choir in Birmingham Alabama Sing “All Lives Matter” to Thousands

Watch Black Church Choir in Birmingham Alabama Sing "All Lives Matter" to Thousands

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Watch the Guiding Light Church Choir in Birmingham, Alabama sing “Black Lives Matter” at the Restoring Unity Rally.
(Video: Josiah Ryan

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29 thoughts on “Watch Black Church Choir in Birmingham Alabama Sing “All Lives Matter” to Thousands”

  1. All Lives Matter is noise. This is a racial issue when you are 250% to be shot by a cop if you're black. Or that 15% of black men that were shot by cops were unarmed vs 7% of whites. And white on white violence is more than 83% by the way, so using black on black violence statistic like it's anything groundbreaking is a straw man tactic, learn to analysis statistics identify mirages. We just need to talk a little about police training. Is that so terrible? Honestly people. Lets identify the problem, solve shit and move on. We respect law enforcement, and admire the hard work they put in. But it's clear that some training and reestructuring has to happen. Cos when a black family has to think twice about calling 911 cos it might be a bigger threat than the one they have, then the system is broken. This is about innocent people being shot but just as important it's about latinos and blacks not being able to call the police, in fear of something worse.

    Nobody can deny that there is a racial bias in the way force is carried out by law enforcement, statistics do prove it and the Ferguson report and others show it to be true. This is all widely accessible information from state sources with no political affiliation. Rhe truth is that majority of hispanics and african americans now have to actually outweigh the risks of whether calling 911 or interacting with authorities is going to get them killed. Imagine that!

    All groups that seek social justice have historically focused on one issue or a limited amount, they can't conceivably do all! That's how it's always been! It can start with the right to drive, like in Saudi Arabia. Do you want them to stop talking about women's right to drive their own cars cos there's kids starving to death somewhere?

    So, knowing that civil rights groups have always focused on an issue and can later expand. Then why should this be any different? Talking that all lives matter in this moment is just an effrot to drown out this evident fact about racial bias in law enforcement. We should be talking about better police training. But no. What we get instead is the equivalent of me going to the hospital and telling my doctor that my collarbone is broken, and he says that all bones matter and so before we get to that one we need to talk about my calcium intake to see how we can benefit all the bones in my body, and then we probably should consult every bone individually about what he thinks we should do with the collarbone's fracture. Do you start getting the picture? Do you see people running at a cancer marathon, ALL ILLNESSES MATTER! Cos let's face it, where was ALL LIVES MATTER before 1968? It didn't exist. It only exists to drown out the BLM movement. A movement that has always acknowledge that their heart is big enough to love cops and whites and everyone in between, but right now we need to give a bit more focus to this matter. And focus does not mean exclusion!

    This article explain better why All Lives Matter is not an opportune slogan.


  3. Where do they find these black people? Not that what they are saying is not true, all lives do matter, but that statement was created to completely dismiss 'Black Lives Matter' and pretend like race is not an issue, which is the only reason I have a problem with it. All lives are valuable, but the reality is not everyone's life is treated like it is. If all lives really mattered, we would not have anyone getting gunned down or killed by police whether black, brown, white, or yellow, and they certainly would not get away with it.

    This happens every single time anyone tries to bring up inequality, all of a sudden we have to include everyone and all of humanity becomes the temporary focus. And they always find somebody black to jump on board.
    Arguing that All Lives Matter to me is the equivalent of people telling Ida B. Wells and Du Bois to sit their complaining tails down because everyone got lynched, not just black people.

  4. They are singing "All Lives Matter" but the poster goofed and put "Watch the Guiding Light Church Choir in Birmingham, Alabama sing "Black Lives Matter" at the Restoring Unity Rally." Could this please be corrected? I was going to share this to a Facebook group….

  5. It is REALLY tragic that people of color have to employ the empathy of others in this way. Of course All lives matter. But when we're talking about an epidemic of NOT CARING ABOUT BLACK LIVES AS A SOCIETY, we need to wake the heck up and PAY ATTENTION. No more Tamir Rice, Michael Brown, Sandra Bland, Aiyana Jones, John Crawfords! NO MORE!

  6. who posted that tittle?? kinda sorta not what it was all about…. it was a blending together of ALL LIVES MATTER abd this choir is awesome isn't it!!??

  7. white people looking like " there's a Jesus for the blacks and a Jesus for the whites ……but….good show,…. black people sing good in thier section over there

  8. The title of this video is wrong.  They are clearly singing "All Lives Matter".  What is YOUR agenda with this anyway?  To continue the divide and conquer?  Why don't you cover issues that matter the most for right now?  Like ALL that is set to happen in September and how will all of this affect the American people?  Are we ready for a cashless society? Just saying~

  9. yea i didnt see thousands from this video. seemed like a bunch of old whites. i dont see what kind of unification this was supposed to be. real lame

  10. I think they sang "All Lives Matter", not "Our Lives Matter" meaning black only. Don't see harm in that at all.

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