Snow & Ice

Snow & Ice

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22 thoughts on “Snow & Ice”

  1. Here in ohio we've had up to 18 inches. So your not snowed in . but any way i like the things you put on your site . i'm in to survival thinking i make alot of my own stuff . to put in a grab bag . i would like to meet you some day . mm

  2. That snow scene beyond the gates is so pretty. I'm in Greenville, SC and we're supposed to get some snow and ice tonight, but we haven't seen a thing so far as I write this at 10:15 pm. It's just as clear and dry outside (but cold) as it wants to be.

  3. pastor Dowell sir, straitway look and sounds so pure, peaceful and holy, just like you sir. shalom from sister layla England uk

  4. It's starting to look like Vermont, down there! 🙂
    We'll have a few inches coming in tonight, already about 5 on the ground after some melted last week.
    Bless you Pastor!
    – Sister Anna

  5. Alabama has gotten about a quarter inch so far. Global warming my ass…its been freezing cold for a month straight. Probably burned $100 of firewood this winter.

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