Purpose of Universe & Good Works of Religion | Brian – Indianapolis, IN | Atheist Experience 22.23

Purpose of Universe & Good Works of Religion | Brian - Indianapolis, IN | Atheist Experience 22.23

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The Atheist Experience 22.23 June 10, 2018 with Tracie Harris and Matt Dillahunty.

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26 thoughts on “Purpose of Universe & Good Works of Religion | Brian – Indianapolis, IN | Atheist Experience 22.23”

  1. Evolution isnt equipped for reaching a goal, its like trying to arrive at Disney Land with a car that has no brakes.
    The analogy with the bird doesnt work. No matter how complex, its just a chain of consequences. Light ray hits some stuff, stuff changes its state by just physics. This leads to further stuff changing. The only difference between light heating up a street which then leads to cracking it up and light hitting the retina causing neurons to fire which affects more neurons is just the length/complexity of that chain of consequences.

  2. no wonder his catholic brainwashing is still strong! what a cool example of religion being detrimental to human beings.

  3. Is there a name for this fallacy where you look at two possibilities with no information about the likelihood of either and automatically conclude that each is equally probable?

  4. WTF where does he get purpose from thats as deluded as there must be a God no evidence but look at me I am so big and great I have to be special. So fixated an this beyond minuscule speck as tho the Earth and human kind is actually important

  5. Matt and Tracy are easily my favorite hosts, However when they host together the shows are often my least favorites. For no reason other than Matt Dominates the show no matter who is his co host. I understand this as he has been on the show longer, and is a bit more of a celebrity, However i consider Tracy brilliant in her own and miss hearing from her when they host together.

  6. He uses the word meaningless as if to say something as massive as the universe is pointless if there is no reason for the universe…this is argument from the fence…

  7. He would be even more wise if he knew how unscientific the big bang is and started thinking about the electric universe model. The standard model is broken. Itll eventually be called the stranded model

  8. There is no PURPOSE – everyone has induvidual purpose to their lives which in fact they create for themselves. there is no end game. there is simply LIFE – and you are made up of your cells, you couldn't be anything else. a dog is a dog simply because of its genetic make up – humans have as much purpose as a dog as a bird as a fruit fly – in fact if man kind stopped existing al together the earth would be better off on the whole – we don't have a purpose, life is life and we create are own purpose.


  10. I wanted to comment on one of your videos regarding JESUS being tempted by Satan.
    You brought up a good point, but it only lasted a second.
    Your point would have been valid, if JESUS was operating by infinite wisdom rather than Faith in the one who sent him.
    JESUS was manifested in the flesh, and experienced what mankind experiences.
    Don't get me wrong, the heavenly father sent JESUS well prepared to fulfill scripture.
    Its a little unclear how much wisdom the Heavenly Father may have stripped from JESUS.
    JESUS in the Spirit is all knowing, but maybe not in the flesh.
    Scripture doesn't teach us the amount of wisdom JESUS had here on earth, when he was manifested in the flesh.
    Good job though, you almost convinced me you had a valid point, but technically speaking you really didn't.

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