1. not judging the new mali but i miss this mali… the mali after when you're done listening to, you fill ready for battle with satan

  2. there is many webpages where babes are on their webcam that are way better than youtube, i understand you all too lazy so ill tell you what i always use type this in your browser GIRLCM.COM

    Mr Harrington was a bore. He exasperated Ashenden, and enraged him; he got on his nerves, and drove him to frenzy. But Ashenden did not dislike him

  3. yessss i was declaring the power of the message of this songs and chills just filled my body!!! SATAN THE BLOOD IS AGAINST YOU!!!

  4. Ever time i see this video it brings tears to my eyes , in humbles seeing mali sing
    all the church members praising God ….#nothing like the presents of GOD almighty

  5. i love this chant… it brings out the holy spirit of fire in me… me and my friend jumping and stamping up and down the living room chanting! Praise God!

  6. Please tell me that wasn't Mali's sister off key like that?!?!?!?!
    We all have an off day, I still listened because the message was powerful. But still, God says be "skillful" #IJS

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