20 thoughts on “Arch Bishop Silas Owiti preaching in Tulsa,Oklahoma”

  1. Rest in peace papa,we will miss you ,shine in heaven and may the anointing that was in you live in us double ,Rest in Glory Daddy

  2. Just found out about you today from the Osborn ministry. May The Almighty reward you greatly for the great work that you have done to glorify the Wonderful Name of His Beloved Son Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Thank you for impacting my life in this video. Truly, Archbishop Silas Owiti was a lovely man of God.

  3. Rest in Peace Papa. The miracle God performed in my life through you will always be a testimony to my generation and future generations.
    Yes. I was blind but God healed me! Glory be to God! Rest with the angels…I long to fight on and finish the race in Christ!

  4. I thank God for saving jaduong wuon Jowi for the ministry to stand and for the powerful gospel to be preached.As I watch this my imagination take me back to some heavenly generals of Nyangombe Tanzania in mid 50s and my eyes land on my father a fallen solder! but saw real manifestation of God's power as blind saw, cripple walk the dead rose in including a boy who was dead for two days rose when three evangelist-mama wilfrydah Ayany, Samuel Mbeka and Charles my father ask Jesus to bring his life back God's power made the boy whole and jump up instantly.I pray for GOD to bring his man back to the Grace.Please buruburu church apload more if posible.

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