Structure Fire SBVFD 9-26-14 Entry

Structure Fire SBVFD 9-26-14  Entry

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8:46 a.m. South Brownsville was dispatched for a Residential Structure a few blocks from our station. 6 Engine 1 was 1st on seen with a Working 3.5 story multi-family dwelling. crews pulled 2 handlines and were able to contain the fire to 2 rooms and the attic space. Crews also were able to rescue a cat still in the House.

2 thoughts on “Structure Fire SBVFD 9-26-14 Entry”

  1. Amateur department.  I.C. in street pants and turnout coat?  ALL the gear ALL the time!  Initial line charged AND a charged backup line ALWAYS!

  2. With any luck this video can be of assistance to learn from our mistakes and move forward with a heightened degree of awareness. Fire was contained to building of origin and nobody was killed or seriously injured.

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