Inside the Norman, OK Tornado-webcam (5/6/2015)

Inside the Norman, OK Tornado-webcam (5/6/2015)

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A large area of tornadic circulation rapidly expanded around our position and cut off our escape route. We had to leave the vehicle, with cameras still rolling, to seek shelter from the tornado inside a church.

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  1. Only thing that saved Oklahoma this year was that it was cool and cloudy most of May. Add some sunshine and higher temps and Oklahoma would have been a wasteland by June 1st! Record rainfall established dang near everywhere!  Altus Lake, 31+ feet below normal now releasing water!  All aquifers and springs are now pumping water and I have water flowing down hill on my 40 acres!  Yes, that spring is pumping water too!  My pond, 12ft. below flood is now over the flood pipe and approaching the emergency overflow area.  Tropical Storm Bill, bearing down on Oklahoma, will bring more rain and possibly tornadoes.  Where I live in Oklahoma, has already received over 42 inches of melted snow and rain so far this year.  We average a little over 38 inches Expecting anywhere from 5-10 inches from Tropical Storm Bill!  At this rate, could possibly end up with well over 70+ inches for the year!  This is approaching rain forest totals!  Unheard of in Oklahoma!  Know we've been in a drought, but to make it up in less than two months is scary!  By the way, the water flowing out of Oklahoma would probably fill one of the Great Lakes……….if it was bone dry!!!!!!!!!!!  .

  2. I didn't read before watching this that you were in shelter so watching this and thinking you guys were in the vehicle during the whole thing made me feel sick with shock and worry. I've always had a steak of storm chaser in me but your incredible video makes me realize I don't have the guts to get as close as you do. Please stay safe and thank you for helping your community by risking your lives to track these storms to report on where folks need to take heed.

  3. Strange how this remained in place for over 6 minutes, unlike a tornado which normally would traveling along its path, coming and going over a particular spot very quickly. All this turbulence just keeps happening.

  4. Actually, I envy you guys. I've felt an earthquake, been through 6 typhoons on Okinawa (where the eye passed right over us), seen hail the size of softballs, been in a blizzard, a flood and ALMOST struck by lightning twice. But I have never seen a real, live twister. Once, in between Lyman, CO and Colby, KS, I saw the beginning of one, but it never came close to touching down.

  5. I'm retired from the Marine Corps and I thought I did some outlandish shit. This video proves that you're the craziest  and most extreme SOB I have ever met! Wow

  6. You had us all worried on the live stream! One second you guys were there and bam!! Stream gone and we were all hoping you guys were ok! Way to close! You scared the crap out of us!

  7. Just curious, are you guys trying to get yourselves killed? Do you have any other explanation for being directly under the circulation of these storms repeated, all night long? Like if you have cancer and are going to die anyways I could get it but as it is now you guys look like fucking fools risking your lives for storm footage. Leave this shit to professional meteorologists.

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