Guns in Church!

Guns in Church!

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Guns in Church! This is a debatable topic, what do you guys think. Thanks for watching and God Bless! Save $20 on your next AmmoCom Purchase:
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42 thoughts on “Guns in Church!”

  1. I always carry in Church because I always carry. Being church does not make you any safer. Carrying does. I refuse to be one of the sheep. There are more and more attacks in Christian churches today. I've trained other men in my church with firearms. We have several sheepdogs in our flock.

  2. Your comments are dead on in regard to the wisdom God has given us to protect our family, church family and friends. Jesus gave a command for the 12 disciples if they “have an extra coat, sell one and buy a sword”! I always carry to church and in charge of security. Our church is not a “gun free zone”!

  3. I don't see an issue with carrying in a church, I wouldn't even have an issue with open carry in the church.

  4. I’ve been carrying in church since I bought the 43. Just be sure to get out and vote. It’s a horrible thought to have a Democrat in the governors mansion. I’ve seen where they all stand. Florida needs prayers and educated voters.

  5. Great video cuz!
    Christians are persecuted all over the world and it's reaching the western world.
    Personally I carry everywhere.

  6. It's the world in which we live right now. It's a different world than it was 20 or 30 years ago. Your life, or the life of your loved one, can be snuffed out by some A-Hole anytime, anywhere. I carry everywhere I go. I WILL NOT be a helpless victim.

  7. Maybe it's a cultural thing but Christian Latino (especially Mexican) churches frown upon guns. Haven't attended or heard of a church where they would allow guns in. Have heard of "American" (gringos) allowing it; had a co-worker who carried in church and another who's father was a preacher and was memeber of the NRA. Yes, both of them white. It would be scandalous if the church knew the thought crossed my mind or that I keep a weapon in my glove compartment w 3 – 15round mags. Scandalous!!

  8. I always carry at church. We have a armed trained security team. We have a plan in place and ill tell you one thing most churches wont do but its so simple. When service starts lock the door. Have the team rotate shifts to stay at the door and let people in . If a criminal can’t get it they cant do any harm. We have glass tinted front doors and that gives us a chance to check out anyone for strange behavior before they get in

  9. Amen brother! I carry in Church. Yes it is sad but better to be prepared than not. God gave me a mind to use and ability to protect myself.

  10. I carry in church—Sutherland Springs isn’t going to happen to us, if I can help it. I’ve talked to other parishioners in my church who feel the same way, and (I presume) carry as well. Yes, CCW is legal in churches in my state, surprisingly.

  11. I agree we should want to carry a gun in church we shouldn't feel like we have to carry a gun in church but in today's world the devil's everywhere even in the church

  12. I carry in my church every Sunday. I don't talk about to anyone. I am licensed and it is not prohibited by state law so end of story 🙂

  13. I carry a g43 in church. I lead worship a lot. In my church building set up, i figure that standing on stage with a guitar or at the piano gives me a a good shot down, the center aisle…

    God doesn't preordain or preplan sin, as the Calvinists say, he didn't make it this way. Our free will does this. Without him We'd all be crazy enough to do something horrible, and that's why we need a savior

  14. The only two things that potentially make it wrong to carry at church:

    1) If prohibited by law –
    We are to obey the laws of the civil authorities that God has placed over us. Unless the laws require us to do something immoral, it is a sin to disobey the law, even if it is a badly legislated law. As citizens, we have a duty to use due process of law to challenge and change the law, and to pursue justice against unlawful civil authorities. Even if it is moral to refuse to follow a law, we are not immune from facing the justice of the civil authorities for violating their laws.

    2) If prohibited by those with spiritual authority over you –
    We are to obey those in positions of spiritual authority over us, insofar as their directives are in keeping with scripture. If those spiritual authorities are operating outside of scripture, it is your duty to remove yourself and those for whom you are spiritually responsible from their authority. That could potentially entail removing that person or group of people from their positions by ecclesiastical processes, removing your congregation from that denomination, or else leaving that denomination and/or congregation.

    In both cases, you have due processes for remedying the situation. Grace covers sins, but grace is not a license to sin.

  15. We had 3 instances in 5 years that could have resulted in an armed response but fortunately did not.

    Man with a large walking stick threatened to bash the pastor's head in.

    Man threatened to come to church and murder his wife.

    A drug dealer threatened to show up and kill a guy in our Christian recovery program.

    At any church service or function, there are at least three firearms on premises.

  16. I was working as a Firearms Manager and I had many people come in and tell me that their Pastor wanted them to get a pistol and carry at church, was also told that they were starting a security detail for the church. I always said like you I never thought I would live to see the day that you would have to go to church and be armed for fear for your own safety. I would tell them I pray to God you never have to use this weapon but if you do I pray your aim is true and you stop the threat with no harm to you or anyone other then the aggressor.

    I live in a small town and where I live with in 1/2 a block I have a school, a church and a library and if someone tried to shoot one of them up I can and will be the first one on the scene to stop the shooting if it means I take a round that ends me so be it but I will be taking the bad guy with me and it will be worth it because I will have done what I could to save others.

  17. It reminds me of an old parable. There was a flood and the water kept rising, a woman prayed for God to save her, a big truck pulled up and they told her to get in. She replied that "God will save me", the truck left. The water continued rising, she went to the second floor and prayed again. A boat came and she replied "God will save me", the boat left. The water kept rising and she went to the roof. She prayed again. Along came a helicopter who offered to rescue her. She said again "God will save me". The helicopter left and she drowned. When she got to Heaven she asked God "Why didn't you save me?" God replied "I sent you the truck, boat and helicopter to rescue you." What I am getting at is that God will not reach down and pick you up but he will put in your life the people and the tools to do so.

  18. I think you bring up a good direction to think about. Being the savior. Hadn’t thought about that. You have young men attacking the elderly, kids and even killing their own family, so doing a church killing isn’t to far fetch for them. I think church training is a smart thing for the police to do. There can be so many deaths before the police even arrive, thus train someone for ever mass and let the folks enjoy their time in church feeling safe cause 1-3 guys are armed and trained to stop any situation that arrises. Good video!

  19. I always carry to church. As a Mormon, the leaders of the church don't want us to carry. But I refuse to be a sitting target. I encourage everyone I know that's comfortable with guns to carry. I would hate to see such a thing used. But I'd be happy I had it if the situation arose.

  20. Get the terminology correct brother. It's not "criminals" it's leftist progressive Democrats and Muslims that target churches. Those are the facts.

  21. I need to be armed in church and at home more than anywhere else, because those are the places where I am most around innocent folks that cannot defend themselves.

  22. Having volunteered and worked as a 1099 employee of a church I can say the threats are real. There are some really disturbed and deficient people who see a church as a target. The church should organize those who are trustworthy and who carry so there is a plan in place. Carry where the law and the church allows. If your church doesn’t allow then you might want to find another church.

  23. I carry in church ⛪ I’m from Detroit I no longer live there anymore but most churches in Detroit has armed guard on duty in suits to blend in and look normal but if something pops off it will be handled immediately

  24. “For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil.” 1 Timothy 6:10, NIV
    So I say to those who bring their wallets full of credit cards in to church, practice what you preach. Also a right to self-defense does not go against the teachings of Jesus.

  25. Christians at my job ask me why do I own a gun and they say god will protect me and they down own a gun because god will protect them. And I have a personal relationship with god but I dont think that god sees me dying as a negative. So I protect my life and my family’s life

  26. We are living in the End of Days Bro! We must prepare our souls and have a relationship with Jesus, and prepare on earth to protect the ones we Love and ourselves! I carry at Church and always will! But like you say Bro, God is in Control! Be Blessed!

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