9 thoughts on “The Pooler Family in revival at Lenox Ave Church of God”

  1. First time listening to Bro Pooler at Temple baptist Rutherford County N.C this week. Amazing revival!! First time Ive ever danced in church!! The Holy Ghost has revived my soul my spirit is quickened within me and Im ready to run on for JESUS!!! The fire is burning in my heart!!!

  2. Been a lot of miles since I was growing up with Renee in Florida. Her mama and daddy used to sing specials with her sister. It is wonderful to see how God has blessed the Poolers by adding to their talent and their headcount! Bro D. you look good….that is harder to pull off the older I get! God is good!

  3. I have fallen in love with this song. What a worship song, this song describes my heart towards the Lord " For this I was created ,For this I was born" Does anyone know the writer of this song

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