The Daily Show – Charleston Church Shooting

The Daily Show - Charleston Church Shooting

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Jon addresses a shooting at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, S.C., that took the lives of nine parishioners.

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34 thoughts on “The Daily Show – Charleston Church Shooting”

  1. What blows my mind is that is almost every interview I've seen where they ask them about/tell late night comedians like Colbert or john Stewart etc that people go to them for news the response is almost always "oh no you shouldn't do that we're comedians" yet speeches like these are more eloquent than what our current president can spew and more educated than the speeches he gives much less the things he tweets while shitting on a toilet.

  2. I honestly can't imagine how a single person could do a job like this for a year or two, let alone the decades Jon did it for… People give him hell for retiring right before the Trump presidency, but I think that the stress from this administration and the constantly bleak and depressing news stories may have actually killed/broke Jon's spirit, and I think he recognized that too. Trying to imagine Jon Stewart doing this show everyday now, with the fucking daily tsunami of scandals and reprehensible actions, is stressing me out, let alone the staff of the Daily Show.

  3. Funny how "I got nothin for ya" can be interpreted in so many ways. Taken out of context, what does it mean anyway? To me, it's just you expressing that you are so exasperated that you cannot bring yourself to be funny at all since time and time again, this tragedy continues. In that case, you are not doing your job. But you are not to blame. Is that how our government gets away with not doing their jobs? I won't point fingers because I don't do that. I speak in 2018 and still it's "I got nothin for ya", but it comes not from you. I do blame social media but more so technology in general. And it's not the introduction of these things, its because its not being used as it was originally intended. Every time I turn on utube I see another expert talking about the topic of the week. It's uncanny. Everyone is a late night talk show host and everyone is an expert psychologist. And talking on social media gives them license to do that. It will get their name in lights. And that makes it easy for them to think that people can all train themselves to become experts. On Utube everyone can become the best authors, actors, doctors, and lawyers. It gives people permission to talk with some kind of confidence and get the courage to look into the eyes of a real human say to their face what they do or don't want to hear. And their agenda becomes the flavor of the day. And that agenda spreads so fast over the internet it becomes everyone's agenda. I think that you, Jon Stewart started a tsunami of what we call "political comedy" on late night tv. When you became the Daily Show host, the uniqueness of poking fun at the news made people pay attention to politics. MSM was boring and reported nothing more than the weather and how to cook your cat in baking soda. Now we are flooded with late night shows and they are carbon copies of the Daily Show and that format is being jammed down our throats just like Donald Trump syndrome and reality TV. There is no originality or vision. No-one has the same sense of humor. You are one of a kind and cannot be duplicated no matter how hard people try. And the people who do have "something for ya" are wited out like Bernie was in the primaries. He actually became invisible to the media and the DNC. There is nothing more hurtful and damaging as ignoring the existence of another human being. Especially when there are thousands of people shouting that this is what they want. Anyone or anything that doesn't wear the same shoes is non existent. Is that racism or sheer arrogance? I do believe that no way in hell would they ever allow someone like Bernie with that Jewy Brooklyn accent in the White House. But is anyone aloud to talk about that? I have lots of somethings for ya. The trouble is, how do I get them somethings out there in a different way, visionary way without making people want to lynch me or drive themselves off a bridge? I believe that we have the capability to do that in 2018. Am I the only one who thinks that?

  4. this is the most important video in the fight against gun violence after Emma Gonzalez' speech at March for Our Lives.

  5. just easily dumbing down populations and easy with medals talks dn addictive ness becoming the opposite of bad, which is tolerated and popular so goodness

  6. You must change your thought processes and that will help ememsncly . can
    t say they always do that. can say we don't and we will still do

  7. Do shootings in iconic black churches by dipshit racists happen a lot? No? Do they happen often? No? Sometimes?!! No? When IS the last time it happened?!! Exactly. Shut the fuck up.

  8. Yeah fuck it, people's family members just got shot down in cold blood, who gives a fuck? It may be yours next time but who gives fuck? You Americans are sick!!

  9. It seems this narrative is still alive today yet no change had occurred. It's become a norm for shootings like this. I'm proud to be an American, but also full of sorrow, for my wayward and devisive country

  10. I miss this guy and love his rhetoric but when he explained the hypocrisy of the response between foreign terrorism and domestic one, Ironically he did the exact same thing when he invited malala instead of some black activist! Irony!!

  11. At least you're not lying, because we still have the same scenarios now in 2018. Guess what? Do you think maybe by now, we could have placed guards in front of the buildings so PEOPLE can be protected while we discuss the causes for years?

  12. Wow, in the 2010s we've gone from shootings of many blacks, to many children. Gotta love America, where the racists, and mentally unstable are given guns because of their rights and shit. But when a black person has anything in even a semblance of a weapon he gets killed by police without consequences. It's a shame that it would be hypocritical to shoot all the worst people in our "great" nation.

  13. "What blows my mind is the disparity of response between when we think people that are foreign are going to kill us and us killing ourselves."

    After every shooting i watch this video and hope this madness will end some day. Here we are again.

  14. Speaking of Rhodesia: if the blacks fucking quit with their nonsense and got trained and armed shit would change. I’d fight along side them. I’d train them. I’d die for the ability for our country to be more trained and more secured.

  15. I read the comment section to get a view on humanity, mostly because people are generally to weak to show their true character in person. Secondly to see what people think and how they react to each other. Most of the time it’s all about those wonder fallacy’s that keep their argument in motion. What is most facnating is the utter lack of understanding the other ‘side’ they are arguing with. All to often people misunderstand or miscommunicate the point of view they or the other person has. If all you cunts would just read and understand what people are trying to say then you wouldn’t get your jammies in a ruffle.
    Guns are bad and we should have better laws around them. Age limit doesn’t matter as much as continuous training, background checks, and a data base for who has what weapon. If you think that they will take your guns you obviously don’t understand how many guns are out there and that a government take over is nearly impossible. Drones and tanks will beat small fire arms any day of the year.
    Vehicle deaths are far more common, but for some strange reason people view them as accidents instead of collisions with dire consequences. My father served during the Iraq war and he said, “ people are willing to pull out of a conflict because soldiers are dying, but when it comes to every day deaths by collisions those deaths are just a statistic”. I thank we should do more on both fronts because allowing people to be gunned down needs to stop in some compacity, but as far as numbers go more deaths happen yearly by car fatalities then by mass shootings or suicides combined.

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