Blessed Assurance-Marion Williams

Blessed Assurance-Marion Williams

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Gospel legend-Marion Williams, she was born in Miami in 1927, moved on to Philadelphia, and in 1946 joined the Clara Ward Singers. Marion became the golden voice of the “golden age of gospel.” In 1958 she formed her group the Stars of Faith. They performed around the world, broadway, and your in friendly store front churches. Then in 1965 Marion started her solo career. She became a seedbed of some of the most authentic American music of our time. She was a little bit saint, and showman.

In 1993 Marion received the Kennedy honors award, then in 1994 Marion packed up, laced up her travelin’ shoes, and stepped over the finish line.

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  1. Marion was once offered a 6 figure sum if she sang the opera, but she refused. She said "I was born a gospel singer and I'll die as one!"

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