Rehab: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Rehab: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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The addiction treatment industry is dangerously unregulated. John Oliver explains why many rehab programs should incorporate more evidence-based care and carefully reconsider their doctor-to-horse ratio.

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39 thoughts on “Rehab: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)”

  1. lets not get started on the whole stigma around addiction that causes addicts to fear telling the truth out of fear of loosing their jobs and spiraling out if control.

    you also cannot help someone who doesn't want help which can also lead to ufortunate circumstances.

    what was used to be thought of the way to end addiction ( the whole "i hate this i quit") is now called a "miraculous recovery", miraculous being the keyword, and while it does happen its incredibally rare and anyone who tries it is in a world of pain or even death from the worst of withdrawals. thats a reason why recovery is so hard. withdrawal- depending on the drug and the addict- can be anywhere from hot flashes and dizziness to seizures and death.

  2. Every John Oliver story seems to end with "we need more expertise and oversight because right now the system is run by greedy profiteers or incompetent idiots who don't know what the FUCK they're doing".

  3. Ya $73 000 dollars isn't a lot of money says the steroid raging moron wearing the designer clothes and sunglasses. Fucking poser cunt.

  4. Privatised healthcare is always a bad idea, but when you start to look into some of the absolutely hideous abuses visited upon people desperate for help with their addictions by the private treatment industry it is frightening. Some of the activities of these organizations are committing crimes at best being fraud, to the worst amounting to medically negligent homicide in their treatment of some of the most vulnerable people in our society. Remember when you look at someone who has a drug/alcohol problem to see the PERSON first, not the addiction

  5. Thank you for talking about this. I am a recovering addict. I go to an outpatient facility where I've remained clean for the last 4 years. My insurance wouldn't pay for this so I pay out out of pocket. Luckily I am in a position that I can do that. I pray for anyone who has this problem!

  6. the privatization and corporatization of medical centres like hospitals, rehabs, and mental health clinics/inpatient homes need to stop. not all, but many owners of these are taking advantage of troubled and disenfranchised people and milking them for their money until they have nothing left. half of these don't even do anything and aren't medically backed in any way, they are just sticking addicts into a cycle of recovery, relapse, recovery, relapse, etc. this is why i hate capitalism.

  7. … where did John/his team get that Dave and Busters photo at the beginning?? Because, and I'm well aware that this couldn't possibly be further from the point of the video but I swear that that's Todd Haberkorn in the photo

  8. So a horse goes into a bar… the bartender asks why the long face… the horse says I went to rhab to give up drinking and they let a guy stroke me…
    it's not working… so I'll have a beer… The bar tender poors a beer then asks, so what went wrong?
    Well, lets just say The Rehab center needs to define stroke the horse…

  9. Being able to relate to this is simply crushing. I've battled with addiction for years, wound up in multiple hospitals, and rehab facilities. Today, yeah, I still drink heavily. It's hard because my group of friends like to drink socially and we like to hang out together. Saying "just stop it" definitely doesn't work.

  10. It worries me that even after initiating REHABILITATIONS there are still those who dislike….What do people want then?It makes me wonder.This is the best way of Managing Mental Illnesses after going through Psychiatric Hospitals rather than being confined in some chains like people whove completely lost it, stigmatization of the highest order. Furthermore it prevents the many episodes of RELAPSETRUST me ,in this day and age, Its sicker not having panic attacks. Since when did pretending everything is OKAY suddenly become the almighty NORM?#FOODFORTHOUGHT

  11. What really needs to change, is society's definition of what a drug is… Along with the realization that differing pathways of life exist, and work for different people. To identify the qualities in another that are viewed as negative in regards to the current paradigm, while to them, the paradigm which is is a negative one…

    Not only that, the medical industry is so focused on the data from the statistics, that they can't even see that people who qualify under the title of "Dad" are totally different people, have different families, and to then categorize everyone and treat everyone under the title of "Dad" the same, is ridiculous…

    The side effects of a culture and how it either accepts or ostracizes an experience, in essence, creates much more side effects that would otherwise be non present within the utilization of many things, from substances, to playing a board game with a certain group of people and then with another, the biochemical experience within your body that is expressed within each scenario shown within your attitude toward the experience, and what it entailed, is the effect of the experience that then is carried with you after it.

    So many negative connotations of words, where those with the voice to speak are the ones being heard, and those remaining silent think that that's what everyone thinks, when those that are talking, are the ones that aren't doing anything else but talking, so they have no room to talk, and do not in any way represent what is…

  12. Addiction is actually more like a complex psychological problem. Curing someone from it is like curing a personality disorder. It has deep roots in neuroplastically conditioned behaviour. Basically, you grow up. Your normal state is feeling like absolute shit, you try this new thing, a drug maybe, and you don't feel like shit. Your brain goes "huh…I guess…not feeling like shit is better than feeling like shit…this will be my go to the next time I feel like shit…and now that I'm coming down from it I feel like shit but even moreso than before soo I'll guess I'll do more drugs"
    Pretty much like that in an endless feedback loop. It's not the drugs themselves but the reason you feel like shit in the first place that needs to be addressed!

  13. Lived in Florida 9 months. First day I saw a druggie lying flat on the pavement, head exploded. Apparently stumbled out on the road and got run over. Second say I saw another dead body on the highway, some addict people were saying. It's so common nobody even pays attention anymore.

  14. I remember when my cousin prank called ‘The Addiction Network’ to say he had an addiction to BDSM porn and instantly hung up.

  15. No wonder American health care is so expensive when it covers things like this. Seems like there's no accountability anywhere, everyone is just trying to rip off everyone else.

  16. All rehabs are about life changing reforms, replacing bad habits and user triggers with positive thinking, spiritual, family and friend support groups. It doesn't really matter where you go if YOU are serious you can quit. You may not quit the first time just don't ever give up or give in, please.

  17. I'm afraid to acknowledge that Dr. Phil has repeatedly endorsed Cliffside Malibu and sent his patients there, some as young as 15

  18. I don't agree with alot ot what Oliver has to say, but He is hilarious. He hit the nail right on the head with this one. As someone who could relate to it, he was spot on. Good work Mr. Oliver.

  19. Yea most rehab facilities are purely religious or spiritual based. They have you read the bible, do church, study the bible in free time, etc…. its just ridiculous. I've heard the centers in my area have about a 2% success rate, my dad for example is the only person who is still sober out of the 30+ people he was in rehab with, most of whom were back at it within a year. Only 2 made it passed 3 years, and he hit his 4th year alone.

    This is a serious issue, if we used science our succes rate would jump up.

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