14 thoughts on “Nightmare in Tulsa OK”

  1. I went tonight, we're you there? I only knew one person actually in the show. If you were, which part were you in?

  2. Nightmare is AWESOME! This is my 2nd year working in it, and it's already just exploding! So many people have already gone through, it is AMAZING! For anyone checking this out, you have to go! It's so awesome! I walk through every year (3 years now), and help every Friday + Saturday (except this one..I'm walking through this Friday).

    You have to go!!!

  3. you're not kidding about that hell room. One of those demon guys was touching the back of my head and his hands was so cold; that was freaky

  4. there was this one guy that was screaming at me while i was screaming bloody murder I was so happy when I got to the part with jesus dying on the cross

  5. I went to that last night and that was so freaky…My stomach is usually strong but not that night. I'm glad I gone because it really makes me want to minister to people about jesus. Nightmare will literally scare the hell out of you.

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