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  1. Incredible footage. I've been in a few of those – was caught in my car near Wichita Falls/Burk back in 95 (it was a small F1 that, thankfully, never touched down in city limits… but it went over my car and made it SWIM and DANCE along the highway in near whiteout conditions! That one freaked me out!!!!). I saw the 99 Moore tornado moments after it hit, the 79 WF tornado (i was little back then and it didn't really register) and the 2000 Fort Worth tornado as I drove in right behind it, watching its approach. I'm supposed to be "used to" them after all these years. Well, I may not be scared of them necessarily – because honestly, they're awe inspiring and quite the sight to behold. But if I'm actually in one, all bets are off and it's time to wet my pants once again. Wow.

  2. Thanks for the great footage. I always wonder how EMS and Police deal with tornadoes and the aftermath. My police friends here don't have any protocol for tornadoes and I live in central texas

  3. that's a hell of a thing to have to deal with out there, here on the east coast we get high winds & people think it's armageddon

  4. Every video I see, that thing looked absolutely monstrous as it crossed I-44. I imagine the damage path and destructiveness would have been worse had it maintained that width.

  5. I don't understand the chiefs' thought process. Instead of doing some good and being a first responder, it looks like he's trying to get a good YT video.

  6. Agreed Doug! He learned! I gotta give credit where credit is due, a lot of these officers do the best they can do, without the knowledge we have as spotters & chasers, and risk life and limb to give the best ground truth they can, even regrettably, to their detriment.. This Officer did a good job of keeping the storm in view on those fixed[?] Dash cams they have, and went right to the first area, or one of the first, to evaluate damage, and call in for medical support… Again, I'm with ya and in an ironic way, it's one of those things that can be amusing when that beast gets N of your location, and that RFD nails ya 😛
    Winds coming outta the west on a SC with a multi-vortex EF5 with no signs of occlusion, but growing by the minute… Is a rush of adrenaline like nothing I've experienced in other dangerous or adrenaline releasing scenarios…. I've been into chasing and spotting for 20+ years, (ameture) and learned how to read the skewed -T diagrams, learned all about the NAM maps, how to read a GOOD wxr88d (hd-dp) in all its modes, and have always been in position to SSE of the Meso.. Well, on May 20,/13 I thought well its 5 miles WSW heading E-ENE @ 20-30… So I thought I'd position in FRONT… needless to say, after witnessing @ least 2 dozen ranging from EF1-5 and you get desensitized, I most assuredly found that high level of rush you get from your first close encounter, (under half to less than an eighth of a mile) & being in front of this monster, -well I won't B.S. I stayed well over half a mile at my closet point, making DAMN SURE THAT MY SIT Awareness, Escape Routes were CLEAR! LOL! Regardless, I gotta give credit to this Officer, as much as I don't enjoy when you meet the 20% that seem like they may wanna night a person's windpipe out the 80% good to great ones go thru a lot of s#it for minimal pay relative to the daily situations their put in. Just my humble opinion, but I've seen A LOT of crap vids ppl put out that run over an hour watching a lowering so ragged that anyone who's got a touch of sense would be looking for the cells that are exploding to their S lol… Just horsing around there, really didn't men to offend ANYONE. Again, just my humble opinion…

  7. Too close for comfort! I thought you were a had-lad when you were in the parking lot of the fire station as it was about to head behind Taco Bell/KFC! Killer video! Glad you are ok!

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