Holy Trinity Serbian Othodox Church

Holy Trinity Serbian Othodox Church

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History of the Holy Trinity Parish

Holy Trinity parish was founded on August 28, 1897, when the first Divine Liturgy was served in Butte. Thirty-five families, all from the southern regions of the former Yugoslavia, gathered around a visiting Orthodox missionary priest, committed to establishing a parish and building a permanent Orthodox Church. In 1905, their dream, through prayers and self-sacrificial love, turned into a reality. This first church edifice stood until 1964 when it was demolished due to the structural damage caused by underground mining. The construction of the new church was finished in 1965 with the consecration date on July 25. Today, this vibrant Orthodox community has members with various ethnic backgrounds, Serbian, Greek, Irish, Scottish, German, etc. Holy Trinity parish is pan-Orthodox and welcomes everyone seeking the fullness of the Christian faith revealed by Jesus Christ, confirmed by Holy Scripture, preached by the Apostles, and lived victoriously throughout the centuries by countless holy women, men, and children.

God is With Us

The church is oriented toward the East, according to the Apostolic canon: “The house of the Lord should be oriented towards the sunrise, with annexes on both sides corresponding to the nave” (1, II, 57). The church is entered from the West and the faithful, standing in prayer, face the East — the altar, the symbol of heaven, spiritual light and Christ — the Sun of Righteousness — who shall appear as lightning form the East at His second coming (Matthew 24:27).

The Interior of an Orthodox Church…

It’s designed to speak to the worshipper, to establish the mood for worship, to preach the Gospel through architecture and icons, to elevate one’s mind and heart to the God one comes to praise and worship. The church edifice has three main parts: the narthex, nave and sanctuary or altar.

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