1. Blues and gospel share the same roots. The chord progressions and melodies are often one in the same. There's no such thing as soley "church music" or "blues music."  They both share the same origins. A lot of blues/R&B/Jazz musicians and singers got their start in the church. Music is music. Who placed rules and limitations on "joyful noise?"

  2. IDK. That break down they're playing sends me in every time! I think they're good. Idk what was going on w/ the drummer, but overall I still got happy! Too many people sitting down tho.

  3. OK, I was bored up until 3:47….way to much at the beginning and then I went back to boring at 4:14…. Give me just a straight beat lets go. Too much!!

  4. Call me old school ( I'm only 29 ), but I think praise should not sound so rehearsed. Let go and let God. I'm a drummer here in the CO and God blows my mind with the things he gives me every sunday. When the Holyspirit in the keys connects with the Holyspirit in the drums and so on……MY GOD FROM ZION. Be blessed and continue to praise God to the fullest.

  5. Ya'll be havin some good clips but the musicians are just doin WAY TOO MUCH!!!!!!! Just give them folks a straight beat so they can get they praise on and sit down…LOL!!!!! 4 mins of intro and 30 seconds of an actual shout beat…LOL!!!

  6. I was there that Sunday. This was after the sermon and our second dance/praise time. I was in tears while the Spirit was moving and wanted to shout my way under the bench.

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