St. Patrick Church West Park

St. Patrick Church West Park

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St. Patrick’s Church in the West Park neighborhood of Cleveland, Ohio is fighting to stay open. The bishop ordered it to close down May 30 and end its 162 years of service to the neighborhood. An upcoming video will commemorate the history and activities of St. Pat’s in the West Park area. More information and an order form can be found at:

3 thoughts on “St. Patrick Church West Park”

  1. IT WAS GOD ANSWERS PRAYERS !! TURN BACK TO GOD, A LOVING GOD! He wants to give us so many gifts but we keep getting in his way !

  2. What bothers me is the lack of thought as to how this closure effects the ENTIRE community. I'm Lutheran, but that does not mean I do not have a vested interest in St. Pat's. St. Pat's is an important cornerstone of our community and I just can't believe the Holy See can't see how much we all love her. Bring St. Pat's back …………. the sooner the better!

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