49 thoughts on “Rain Man Official Trailer”

  1. Dustin Hoffman was great! No doubt about that! But Tom Cruise was by far underrated. He also was really really great! Without him and his being it wpould not have worked the same way! No doubt about that too!

  2. Rain Man – the story of 1 brother struggling with poor social skills, social isolation, limited life interests, rigid thinking and difficulty communicating effectively and the other brother struggling with the disabilities of autism.

  3. Dustin Hoffman is great, as always. But Tom Cruise was a revelation for me; he was touching and showed something else than a pretty face in RainMan

  4. This Rain man got a higher grade of autism every autist is different so do i do never think al autist are crazy and agressieve and the same becaus we Will never forgive u
    sorry for my englais and grammar

  5. I love this movie rain man, I have a two friends who I went to grade school with who is autistic. Nobody shouldn't crussing at a autistic person it made me mad when people crussing at a autistic person

  6. Parfois, nous sommes obsédé par l'argent, a tel point de renier un père qui n'a pas toujours su aimer son fils après la mort de sa maman. Mais nous oublions qu'il est bien plus importants de s'occuper d'un frère qui n'a pas eu la chance de pouvoir exprimer ses sentiments.

    Voilà ce que j'ai retenu du film, un film joué par deux hommes talentueux au grand coeur.

  7. Rainman is a "drug dealer". In this movie the drug is Money. Charly Babbit wants the money that Rainmann inherited from his father.

  8. pity for dustin bcs he s gr8 – but i banned all my vids of tom. fu**in scientologist. I gonna also blog all his coming films.
    lol, some scenes its typical seen how tom is using sciento tricks.

  9. i always thought that tom cruise never got the recognition he deserved for the role he played in this movie.i thought he was excellent.i don't think dustin hoffman would have shone so brightly without him.

  10. Have you seen the real rainman? If not look him up because he is extraordinary. There are only a handful of people like him and they are called savants

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