Philadelphia Pennsylvania Temple

Philadelphia Pennsylvania Temple

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Video tour of the interior of the Philadelphia Pennsylvanian temple.

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15 thoughts on “Philadelphia Pennsylvania Temple”

  1. I took part in the cultural celebration for the Philadelphia temple yesterday! it was amazing! I loved every second of it!

  2. Beautiful temple. i enjoyed going to the open house and being able to build my relationship with god. it was an extremely overwhelming experience to be in the house of the lord. 🙂

  3. Beautiful video. I like all of these videos but why did you use the demonym of Pennsylvania in this title but didn't do it with the videos of temples in other states and countries? Example, the Sapporo Japan Temple video. It doesn't say the Sapporo Japanese Temple or the Phoenix Arizona Temple, it doesn't say the Phoenix Arizonan Temple. Why the difference?

  4. I find it curious that Joseph Smith placed prominent star, moon, and sun decorations on his Nauvoo Temple. Especially giving priority to the inverted pentagram (he was a Freemason and those are also symbols they use) but today the LDS Church is not placing those symbols on new temples (except when they rebuilt the Nauvoo, Illinois Temple). Perhaps they realize many in these modern times know the occult nature of the inverted pentagram (see front cover of the Satanic Bible) which is believed by occultists to "attract sinister forces" The Black Arts 1967, p. 265)

  5. Are you going to do a video focusing on the symbolisms of this temple? Loved the one you did for the Japan temple and would love one on this temple too!

  6. Wow what a tribute our our Savior Jesus Christ. If any have ever thought we do not love and live our lives to be with Jesus Christ our Savior and Our Father in Heaven. Watch this Video and better yet go to the open house of the Philadelphia Temple and see for your self.

  7. Great video. BEAUTIFUL Temple.
    The video would have been MUCH better if the music didn't have lyrics, and was just instrumental.

  8. I love the tasteful distinctly American influence this temple has it truly sets it apart as the house of the Lord & unlike other newer buildings in Philadelphia builds upon the city's historic past. The temple is an asset to the city & for church members in the area.

  9. Beautiful. I watched the BYU talk relating the story of how the property was attained and how God is in charge when we put our lives in His service and bear our witness and testimonies.

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