33 thoughts on “Mass shooting at church in small Texas town”

  1. Hold on here, it's not about race, but I see the running theme is that all of the mass Shooters are white. And everyone is labeled as mentally ill, I'm just not sure if I can connect the dots.

  2. It's all Trumps's fault, the chief republican rat in office.
    He flouts gun control, and the NRA are backing him all the way because of that. That's how he got all the drunken rednecks and sister-marrying yokels from the Bible belt voting for him.
    That's what you get when you vote a businessman into office – he's looking at it in terms of profit, the more guns they sell the more money they get and screw the population that gets killed because some freaks like this shithead decide it's a good time to do mass murder.
    Trump = the enemy of the US. Impeach the republican rat/shill.

  3. Zero footage shown on any media outlets of the aftermath. Or any dead or injured people being taken away in ambulances..
    Only dodgy crisis actors.
    We are just expected to believe and react to the official narrative accordingly…

  4. If it is guns that are the problem, why is this happening so much recently when these types of guns have been around since the 1960s? Something has changed in the people for this to be occurring so much now

  5. Guns don't kill people. People kill people. This person was mentally ill. If he didn't have a gun, he would have used a knife or baseball bat or something to kill all those people. Guns don't shoot by itself

  6. That gunman threw himself under the bus bigtime for murdering innocent lives, especially at a church. Don't mess with Texas!!!

  7. this is enough. if everyone allowed to carry arms publicly this wouldn't had hapen. imagine the criminal walking inside the church and seeing everyone carrying M4's or 50 cals that would encourage the criminal to repent

  8. Trump said this animal shooter must go to the Guantanamo bay prison, but fortunately he was killed and went to the Heaven, because he was under the age of 41, the age of responsibility together with those who died before the age of 41, while the love ones are suffering. Again the Almighty sent us a sign that we should not worship besides His name this fake name jesus, which is not even mentioned in the original Aramaic scripture, although there are 10s of verses that they are reading in that scripture which condemned Idol worship. These disasters are not going to stop. 1900 tornados in so called bible belt area, Harvey, Maria, Irma, fires and so on . . .

  9. The argument that guns didn't cause all this and rocks or hammer can be a deadly weapon? Well let me give something to think about… if he only had a hammer or a knife he can't do that much damage coz those people in there will stop him at the door, maybe he'll have a couple of people hurt but not as much as when you have a machine gun that was designed to kill in bunch. Get the point conservatives?

  10. Some guy with a gun interrupting him to stop the bloodshed is al you need to know to understand that the US needs more guns. The fact that 26 are dead because of them is irrelevant. The NRA's and associates' pockets agree.

  11. Its time to deal with this problem. The RADICAL CHRISTEN TERRORIST! In this country are being emboldened to do these horrific crimes more and more

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