Maren Morris – My Church

Maren Morris - My Church

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Maren Morris’ debut album HERO, featuring “”I Could Use A Love Song””, “”80s Mercedes”” & “”My Church,”” is now available: Apple Music: Amazon: Google Play: Spotify:

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33 thoughts on “Maren Morris – My Church”

  1. this reminds me of church. and I I love this song because it reminds me of everything and church that it talks about and I just love everything there is about it and what and when you listen to it it just calms your nerves.

  2. You need alot more to make it through those gates like a heart kindness forgiveness I bet his daddy is scared to death for the soul of his son cupcake you just no good 🙂

  3. I don't get it. She's ugly she is not a good singer and her lyrics are Hokey Pokey dorky I could have wrote Better lyrics on a piece of toilet paper taking a shit

  4. iam not really into church music.but one day i heard it on the radio and i feel in love with this song.its such a pretty song.

  5. What a wonderful singer, I just found her a few weeks ago when I was watching Miranda Lambert on you tube,. then I seen they are both playing Boots and Hearts Festival. Guess who is going now? Ticket bought. Just need flights from Scotland and accommodation and I will have a great time. Do you you think she is worth 6000 mile round trip, I do. !

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