He makes all things new in Winston Salem, NC

He makes all things new in Winston Salem, NC

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Ahava and I travel to Winston-Salem, NC to do CBC with William Lowe, a mighty man of God that I’ve known for a little over 3 years. We had a great time of fellowship and ministering in the power of the Spirit to a number of different people, all with different needs and life stories. Don’t forget to visit our website at:

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16 thoughts on “He makes all things new in Winston Salem, NC”

  1. 7:28 hahah This is funny! Every time I'm praying for something, new, you seem to be on the same page! Of course because your filled with The Holly Ghost! Just this morning I was praying for Our Father, to take off all the Hard years, off my face and body, I was praying for supper natural weight loss, as well! God bless you, in everything you do for the Kingdom, amen!

  2. wanted to say, belated happy birthday,Tom and send this.. some great guys from a few years back in the city i live in.. all the best to you and Ahava. i have benefited so deeply this past while from your devotion. ox Alison
    can’t paste! please look up The Nylons- up the ladder to the roof( where we can be
    closer to Heaven) many happy returns

  3. Awesome. Thank you for sharing. Tom and Ahava, are you all stopping in Greensboro on your way?..Sure would be wonderful right now with what’s going on here.

  4. Haha! No one is safe from the power of God – even William. Love it! Right there on Trade Street- trade your sorrows for joy <3 Amen.

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