“God is OUR Strength” – Pastor Terry K. Anderson

"God is OUR Strength" - Pastor Terry K. Anderson

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127th Church Anniversary Service:
Sermon Title: “God is OUR Strength”
Sermon Text: Psalm 28:7 (KJV)
Rev. Terry K. Anderson, Senior Pastor of Lily Grove Missionary Baptist Church-Houston, TX

Riceville Mt. Olive Baptist Church
11539 S. Gessner Rd.
Houston, TX 77071
Rev. Terry E. Mackey, Senior Pastor


22 thoughts on ““God is OUR Strength” – Pastor Terry K. Anderson”

  1. I asked my God for direction today to the word he wanted me to hear and here i am!!!!!!!! Listening to this mighty word!!!!!

  2. That God is Sovereign Lord of all by an incontestable right. Genesis 1:2-3 That with God all things are possible, and therefore happy are the people that stand in his name… God is worthy of all my blessing and praise. He is a miracle worker. Pastor Terry Anderson.

  3. Very authentic in his preaching. As a Senior Pastor here in Arkansas my heart is grateful to hear men preach from there heart under the anointing.

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