Giglog – Trevor Nygaard @ The Church, Denver Colorado

Giglog - Trevor Nygaard @ The Church, Denver Colorado

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This was my set for the 15 mins of fame DJ competition held at The Church nightclub in Denver Colorado.
1) ID
2) Twocker_Chopper_Original Mix
3) Larry Tee – I Love U (The Bulgarian Remix)
4) Olivier Giacomotto_DJ Tonio_Eat What You Kill_Part 2
5) WTF_Redic_Original Mix
6) Quivver – Dancing In Dark Rooms – Shifter and Carvell Remix

26 thoughts on “Giglog – Trevor Nygaard @ The Church, Denver Colorado”

  1. Hey Trevor did you ever know a kid named Andrew Wickes? He used to spin Tech House in CO a couple of years ago. I think he lives in Berlin now though.

  2. great vid trev 🙂
    luvin the mix as usual ere 🙂
    wer you using vinyl aswel there?? thought i seen vinyl decks??? wer ya usin them?? 🙂

  3. that's some sick music there man! i swear! i was like, WHOA!. you tour around and play here! tons of people will come!
    more power to you trev… 😀

  4. hahah yeah, i definatly agree with ya on that one. Stage presence is a tricky art I have found. Either its way to much and over the top, or not enough. For this competition i just focused on the music and not acting like a complete tosser 🙂 Definatly something i am working on tho. Come back next week for some new gig footage, ill work on the dancing for us heh 🙂

  5. Go Trevi!

    Good skills mate – you need me to seriously teach you some dance moves though dude – you look like a mincer!

    Clench those butt cheeks – ooooo matron!

  6. It was the Dj's before me, so i dont know what the track was.. so I leave it as "ID" as in, someone can identify it if they wish, but i dont know what it was.

  7. I wish, i need to play on em more to know all the features. I was shitting bricks the first mix becuase I barely touched it and the bend was so much.. once i got use to it again the rest of the set went well tho 🙂

  8. also, you said mk3 were sensitive, did you mess with the jog adjust at all? that would have made it more/less sensitive.

  9. im in a place where i cant listen to the sound. ugh. looks cool. will check it out when i get back to my friends apt.

  10. yooooooo niiiiiiice! 🙂 Our Trev's gettin' famous! keep it up, love this! When is the new motorcycle video coming? I'm waiting for it!

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