First Free Church Respite Events Lincoln Nebraska

First Free Church Respite Events Lincoln Nebraska

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This is a slideshow that illustrates the joy and relationship between respite night volunteers and the children at First Free Church in Lincoln, Nebraska.

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  1. Love Love Love Love this!!!!!!!!!!!!! This kind of ministry is so meaningful to families. We are healed in Christ, but sometimes we simply need to minister with love to the people and symptoms that are there now, and be a blessing, and when healing manifests rejoice in that too. <>< I'm a mom of a child diagnosed with multiple special needs. I'm also a mom of a child who was diagnosed at age of 8 with a very serious disease. And I have seen healing. Our son went from wheelchair to walking overnight! Thank You Lord!!!!!!!!! Our son has a Trisomy 21 (Down Syndrome) diagnosis as well as some others. He is healed in Christ and fabulous just as he is. 🙂 We need to go with the flow of the Holy Spirit…. healings and faith are not cookie cutter, but they are fully ours in Christ and He is leading His own into His good plans. <>< John 10:9

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