Ep. 897 FADE to BLACK Jimmy Church w/ Dr. Michael P. Masters : UFOs and Time Travel : LIVE

Ep. 897 FADE to BLACK Jimmy Church w/ Dr. Michael P. Masters : UFOs and Time Travel : LIVE

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Dr. Michael P. Masters is a professor of biological anthropology at Montana Tech in Butte, Montana. He received a Ph.D. in Anthropology from The Ohio State University in 2009, where he specialized in hominin evolutionary anatomy, archaeology, and bio-medicine.

Over the years, Dr. Masters has developed a broad academic background, which began studying physics and astronomy at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio, with further undergraduate and graduate coursework in astrobiology, astronomy and physics, along with a perennial review of developments in classical and quantum physics regarding our ever-evolving understanding of time and time travel.

In his forthcoming book Identified Flying Objects, Dr. Masters cautiously examines the premise that “UFOs” and “Aliens,” are possibly us… but, from where???

Air date: July 31, 2018

19 thoughts on “Ep. 897 FADE to BLACK Jimmy Church w/ Dr. Michael P. Masters : UFOs and Time Travel : LIVE”

  1. The past is what humans assign to what is based on memories, recorded data and artifacts. The future is what humans assign to projections of what will happen based on what we know of the cycles and processes as indicated in the past. These are very helpful in human evolution, so that we can learn patterns, then solve problems and plan. What we consider the present is matter and energy at a particular point in which we can compare and count the various cycles of things. By counting pendulum swings to complete rotations of the earth and watching the numbers between the two change, we know time has elapsed.
    However, the past and the future do not exist as actual spaces to which travel can occur. H.G. Wells created the science fiction concept of time travel. It doesn't exist, because time as a true dimension does not really exist. We can agree to meet at a particular time, but that is merely a projection of our intent. Time dilation in Relativity based on speed and gravity can occur in which twins can go from one environment at one speed of change (time) to another speed of change (time), and one will be older than the other. However, no one is really time traveling any more than someone in a suspended state of animation wakes up after a century and then has travelled to the future. What we call the present is the result of various proceeding processes. The proceeding state exists nowhere, only the present one does. The future is a projection of what possibilities should, but considering the number of variables, may not occur. It does not exist. The problem with this useful way for humans to process information and plan is that it can create illusions.
    Time paradoxes cannot occur because time travel is not possible. What has occurred is now contained in the resulting present, so at present there is nothing to go back to. This is the problem when physicists say they don't really know what time is. The truth is time exists in the human languages as tense systems. From a utilitarian point, this works well for us. But what we see as the bigger concept of time does not exist.

  2. how people always say ufo s might be this but not that , so stupid .. i think its always a bit of this AND of that !!! demons, angels, simple aliens, complicated aliens, scavengers as also really good hearted ones and also ssp black op abductee and test flying operations and so on … and those that are seen WANTED to be seen except maybe for the human black op stuff sometimes … the timetraveling ones come in person to take samples i think…. pure observation can be done by chronovising/advanced remote viewing

  3. In the case of the Reiki master caller, he is NOT changing the past, but rather the present MEMORY of his and the patients current present Memory which is often mistaken for the past.

  4. Hello Jimmy. I'm from Mexico City. I channel since I can remember. I channeled a "being" from another dimension. "He" left a message for mankind. Would you like to listen it. Thank you.

  5. What if a culture purposely burriedthings to throw us off because they didn't want us to know? I could see some doing that. Look at all the things we have buried.

  6. I believe in free will. I belive because of free will every decision made or not made creates a universe. We have forever to exist in infinity its FOREVER, free will is consciousness experiencing its self doing everything to find out what it is, infinity would become stagnate and nothing would move forward without free will consciousness would only know one part of itself. We are all one free will is the cause of the illusion of separation.

  7. Jimmy have you seen the Mike Bara upload from 7.7,18. Unearthing Nazca: Fake Alien Mummies Exposed..He is saying they are totally Fake. Hugs n love from the Uk

  8. Aliens being future humans is an old idea. This is not new information.

    I do not think that they are understanding the grandfather scenario…

    Human have gotten to where they are by more than one means. It is not so clean cut.

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