9 thoughts on “6pm Skyway Service with Kevin Zadai”

  1. I want to meet Jesus face to face! These sharing from Kevin are helping me to get closer to this. Thank you for being obedient to the Lord Kevin! Greetings from Crete Greece.

  2. Refreshing to hear from somebody who’s willing to speak the true as the Lord instructed, Love you Lord and love your works in our lives for your Glory! Worthy is the Lamb to be praise! Thank you

  3. I thank God for this wonderful message to the body of Christ, I believe it is time for us to wake up from our Slumber and be what We called to be..We are the light of the world.

  4. I love the growth I've had since listening to Kevin…. He is awesome! One REALLY creepy thing though… I've watched this video like 5 times and didn't hear this but I happen to have really good headphones on now as I'm going to bed and I DIDNT BELIEVE MY EARS… Minute *24:31* and Minute *24:36* there's a guttural growl… sounds possibly demonic!? Listen w good quality headphones I can't believe something evil had the nerve to be in this service. Guess the revelation coming from Jesus through Kevin has made the devil nervous lol they want to know whts being said!

  5. This was so awesome!!! Lol Kevin is the funnest!! I watched it over and over!! God is wonderful!! Love the Words of the Lord!!

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