Tyler Perry Preaches at Lakewood Church

Tyler Perry Preaches at Lakewood Church

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Tyler Perry Delivers An Inspiring Message at Lakewood Church In Houston TX – Joel Osteen “Climb and Maintain”

Hope your spirit has being inspired and encouraged.
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42 thoughts on “Tyler Perry Preaches at Lakewood Church”

  1. Now this guy is a preacher he is a perfect example of abomination of God Law he dresses up as a women he is a fake I wouldn’t give this channel no support…..

  2. I had a dream meeting Tyler perry and listen too me call me his son let him show my talented as my character and was laughing sign me on a contract

  3. This is powerful……God I thank you for Man like Tyler Perry….., Hes God sent to change the lives of some of us.

  4. He that preach the gospel must live the gospel. The bible say no respect a person. If TYLER DIDNT HAVE NO MONEY HE COULDNT STAND UP THERE. IF HE DISAGREED WITH HIM OR TD JAKES HE COULDNT SPEAK IN THEIR CHURCH HED BE CARRIED OUT. IF A MAN WAS COMING TO TELL THEM WHAT GOD SAID WOULD HE BE ALLOW TO BE BEFORE THE PEOPLE? AND IF HE WASNT RICH OR FAMOUS I DOUBT IT. The bible said the devil know the word AND HE TREMBLE AT IT. He CAN change HIMSELF to be a angel of light but he still satan. He's a deceiver. You don't put anybody before Gods people. I LIKE TYLER BUT CLEAN UP AND START CONFESSING. BEFORE You START PROFESSING. AND GO AHEAD AND Minister.

  5. TYLER PERRY IS PROMOTING HOMOSEXUALITY ON HIS TV SHOWS EG. have & have nots, not casting stones God knows I am still working on being a better child of God day by day…. But this man is promoting something God is totally against & then he wanna sit and preach?????????

  6. FOR THOSE WHO ARE CRITICIZING TYLER PERRY: Have you watched the Madea Movie Series? All the morals and right attitude being inculcated in those movies are just shown on funny ways but are good. Just because it's being shown on "secular" movie theaters doesn't mean it's a non-Christian movie made by a Christian.

  7. We are saying all this and yet I believe we are not living without sin: sex outside of marriage, kids out of wedlock, we are watching all this horrible things, we are thinking a lot of things and cheating.

    So we should stop judging because we can look in the mirror and judge what we are and what we do.

  8. And God said Satan has deceived the whole world, because people don't recognize a Wolf in sheep's clothing when they see one. If your actions doesn't match up with God's word then you are not of him plain and simple! Jesus himself even said that everyone that comes in my name and say unto you Lord Lord are not all of me, because some of them are talking about the false God that they serve. Also the reason why a lot people can't tell the difference between the wolf and the sheep is because they continue to take their word for it rather than open up there Bible and study for themselves or ask God what do you think about this, and that's just a shame! Just look close enough and you'll see that some of them never come from the word at all, and if they do which is rarely they only do it for a while just In case they get exposed and don't want to lose members, but they only do it for a short period of time and revert back to there words because let's just be honest at the end of the day you can only be what you are! There are some that are even proud and foolishly bold about the way they teach also! Some of them come from the word but don't live by it! The reason I give you diff examples of false teachers and the way they teach is because there are many different false prophets who have diff ways they deliver the message, but still work under the same evil spirit. I mean just think about it for a sec, the one that you can't see is more powerful than the one you can see, and knows all so why would you value their opinion and beliefs more than God? The reason why is because that's what some people prefer. They'd rather go by somebody else's word rather than God's, because God's word require true change and there not willing to make that sacrifice, because they like doing what they do! That's why they line themselves up with false teachers who tell them it's OK to sin when in fact it's never OK to sin. Which makes them a product of that teaching. So they're just deceiving themselves. God hates sin and that's why he will remove it for good in this final earth age along with all those who are of sin! He did it in the first and second earth age with the flood and with Sodom and gamora, but the diff this time around is that he's getting rid of it once and for all as I said once before! Which means there will be no more chances for mankind. All ashore that's coming ashore! Furthermore, God has always taught about his love as well as his wrath and what would happen if you continue in sin! These teachers are teaching a false word! Their teaching you that you can still sin and still make it in to heaven when that's is not true. The only way you can make it in to heaven is through him and it starts by you excepting him truly in your heart so that he can come in and remove your sins permanently so that he can take you back with him when he returns, and it all starts by you asking him. It's a lot simpler than people make it, but they don't want you to know that, because they want you to think that it's impossible to be without sin while on earth, but that's false! That's exactly why God died for your sins so that you could in fact walk up right here on earth rather than live and die in your sins and eventually burn in hell! So In my closing I truly advise everyone to ask God and study the word for yourself before you take somebody else's word over his, but that's only if you truly want to be saved! God bless! I hope I've helped somebody by clearing up a lot of what may have been confusing some of you today! If you have any questions just reply back and I'll point you in the right direction! Have a blessed day!

  9. Anyone can preach! The real challenge for the true church of Jesus Christ, is to live to the glory of God and not be a stumbling block to those who are not yet Christians.

  10. I always say if you are a doubter to the ministers that speak the word of God you need to make an appointment with them and ask them to prove it in the bible

  11. Here is something for all the haters and nah sayers of Tyler Perry, come and get your stone and cast it!!! I threw my stone down I am a sinner but will always speak the truth in love!!!

  12. It is a proven fact that Tyler blesses others and God is blessing his life and I praise God for this Man who speaks the truth in love!

  13. Tyler Perry's life was difficult like all of our lives. I feel Tyler Perry is very anoited by God and I thank God for this man. This man has seen the destruction of hurting people that hurt people, our mothers and fathers and inflicted their pain onto their child Tyler. But God saw Tyler through to the other side. Amen

  14. God is not confusion !!!! this has confusion all over it, does not line up with the word of God…people Wake up !!!! God Bless You

  15. Pastor Olsteen it would be so wonderful if you would invite Pastor Tamara Bennett Archbishop Duncan Williams Bishop John Francis Mother Mar Dupree Pastor Gertrude Stacks to introduce the people to experiencing a real shift in the power of God you owe it to yourself family and church family you will only go higher in God to go to those anointed and deep places in God Holiness will take us to the Top

  16. Remember a church is just a building Church attendance will not get you saved the people at church can I get you saved if you ask me salvation is only possible outside the churches today because the truth can't be found in today's church it's a feel good gospel they want to tickle your ears they turned the truth into a lie

  17. I don't We go will read this but my Name is Patricia A Tubbs (Thy Beautiful Black African American Egyptian Queen God's ×2 Amen) and I need help…. I Live in Las Vegas Nevada & Nevada Nellis Air Force Base…. Have been doing There (Life Threatening) Test on me since the Sun Shines down upon my face…. please somebody help me! Thank You……

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