Suspect identified in Charleston church mass shooting

Suspect identified in Charleston church mass shooting

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Law enforcement sources tell CBS News that the suspect in the shooting at Emanuel AME Church is Dylann Storm Roof. Roof is accused of killing nine people inside the church and is still on the run. Police released photos of Roof and the car he may be driving. Jeff Pegues reports from Charleston, South Carolina.

3 thoughts on “Suspect identified in Charleston church mass shooting”

  1. Evil comes into God's house.
    Know our death can come at any moment.  They were prepared, such a sad loss.
    Our world has become a fulfillment of the book of Revelations.
    This was an act of Lucifer upon the children of God.
    May we not turn hate into more hate. The families  have suffered such a great loss.
    We "ALL" Pray for them.  Set aside denominational differences.

  2. Isn't this guyTony Danza's son from Who's The Boss?  Butt seriously a lily White boy in a South Carolina Prison. Oooooooh, that's gonna be UG-LAY! I hope he stocked up on Vaseline and cigarettes.

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