5 thoughts on “St. Peter Claver Church (NOLA) Fire”

  1. how come catholic mass has to mean overly somber? well at my church, and in this very choir in which I sing, it doesn't have to be. I mean is not the sacrifice of mass not a great reason for celebration????? why is it ok for every other culture to have mass in the way that fits their culture, but let African Americans express the joy of salvation and all of the sudden we are being protestant? frankly speaking it is an ignorant opinion considering that our worship is sanctioned all the way down from the Holy See, down to our archbishops. oh yeah and we do have high mass. we have praise and worship as we are called to do, then we have high mass. the mass is the exact same, but instead of looking and sounding miserable, we celebrate that the Lord loved us so much that he gave us the passion, hence the mass that we celebrate. by joyful celebration, we are praying twice by offering thanks and praise for that sacrifice.

  2. This is an example of why I quit the modern Catholic Church.  If I really wanted to be a Protestant, I'd go to a Protestant Church, but I refuse to be Protestantized in what is suppose to be a Roman Catholic Church.  

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