St. Albertus Church, Detroit, MI,7-31-10

St. Albertus Church, Detroit, MI,7-31-10

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This is a silent video tour of the oldest Polish Catholic church in the United States, built in 1870. Located on St. Aubin & East Canfield near Downtown Detroit Michigan, this church has exquisite architecture inside. My wife Regina’s father Stanley, who lives with us & is 91 years old, was an altar boy here in the late 1920’s-30’s. They have guided tours throughout the mild months plus a nice Polish festival in midsummer. Notice the high arched ceilings with painted pictures and the pillars, along with many Biblical statues & Polish heritage pictures & writings.

4 thoughts on “St. Albertus Church, Detroit, MI,7-31-10”

  1. I went there for first grade in the early 50's. I can't see if the names of families are on the pews like they used to be when i went. Thank you for doing this film as it brought back memories!!

  2. This is the church my Grand Mother was Baptized in 1908. It is interesting to know that my family only lived about a mile away.. and that they have been in this amazing building. 

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