Gypsies Feeding The Homeless!–Gypsy Church In Atlanta GA

Gypsies Feeding The Homeless!--Gypsy Church In Atlanta GA

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Gypsy Homeless Ministry Atlanta, Georgia

7 thoughts on “Gypsies Feeding The Homeless!–Gypsy Church In Atlanta GA”

  1. People that says God bless you thats exactly what they want you to say to bless them well what about the people that they fed you think thats all they need what about to pray for them and not the ones who feed them!

  2. No reason to put this up, Its just not showing good on the people you didnt do this for god but to show how you guys believe in christ well then God knows the truth so if it done for God then why put it up on youtube!

  3. Just one hand up could mean a lift out of desolation & sorrow save a soul & reap a spirit in Jesus name your works will be blessed by God's favor..

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