Every Fallout Vault

Every Fallout Vault

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Vaults are a key part of the Fallout universe. Some contain horrific and twisted experiments, while others are actually shelters for their dwellers. Good or bad, nightmare or safe haven, these are all of the vaults in Fallout.

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Every Fallout Vault (in text form)

Vault 0 is located in the Cheyenne Mountains and can be found in Fallout Tactics. It had no experiment, it just expanded upon the Cheyenne Mountain Complex and was a sort of headquarters of all the vaults. Many pre-war geniuses were cryogenically frozen here. It is eventually taken over by The Calculator.

Vault 1’s experiment was unknown, but it was located somewhere in the Great Midwest Commonwealth and was the first vault commissioned by Vault Tec following the success of their Los Angeles Test Vault. It appears in the tech demo for the cancelled Fallout 3 by Black Isle Studios. (roughly 17 minutes in)

Vault 3 is located in the South Vegas Ruins in the Mojave Wasteland. It was a control vault, so it had no experiment. Some time after the Great War, a water pipe broke, forcing the door to be opened. Soon after, the Fiends took over the vault and killed the dwellers.

Vault 6 is located in Mount St. Helens in Washington. It isn’t in any game, but it would have appeared in the cancelled Fallout Extreme. It’s experiment involved releasing small amounts of radiation into the vault every day, slowly turning the residents into ghouls.

Vault 8 was another control vault located in Nevada and can be found in Fallout 2. It had minimal issues, opened after 10 years, and eventually became known as Vault City, which is a thriving community and one of the most advanced non-isolated communities in the wasteland.

Vault 11 is located a little west of Boulder City, Nevada and can be found in Fallout New Vegas. The vault’s experiment involved dwellers sacrificing one of themselves every year to avoid an “Automated Solution Response” from killing them all. Sort of a test to see if someone would sacrifice themselves for the greater good.

Vault 12 is located underneath Bakersfield, California, and is found in Fallout. The experiment required that the vault door not completely close, allowing radiation to slowly seep into the vault. It eventually became part of the ghoul-town Necropolis.

Vault 13 is located beneath Mt. Whitney in California, and is found in Fallout. The vault’s experiment was to test prolonged isolation, with the vault being closed until Vault Tec decided the subjects were needed, which was supposed to be around 200 years. The water chip failed, forcing the Vault Dweller to venture out into the wasteland to find a new one.

Vault 15 is located in what has become New California, and can be found in Fallout and Fallout 2. The experiment was that everyone inside had drastically different ideologies, which lead to a schism, where four groups left the vault and eventually became the Jackals, Vipers, and Khans, with the fourth founding the village of Shady Sands.

Vault 17 is located somewhere in New California, and is only mentioned in Fallout New Vegas. In 2154, it was raided by the Master’s Army. Only Lilly Bowen, Becky, and Jimmy survived. When Lilly was 75 years old, she was captured and turned into a night kin by the Master’s Army.

Vault 19 located southwest of the remains of McCarran International Airport in Nevada, and can be found in Fallout New Vegas. The vault’s experiment had the vault dwellers be separated into two groups, with little to no contact between them. After a leak in the ventilation system caused paranoia to grow, the vault became abandoned and is used by the Powder Gangers.

Vault 21 is located beneath New Vegas, and can be found in Fallout New Vegas. The experiment was that all differences were settled by games of chance, and the dwellers were all compulsive gamblers. Between 2271 and 2281, Mr House took over the vault after the dwellers let the future of the vault ride on a game of blackjack, which they lost. Mr House then destroyed most of it and turned it into a hotel.

Vault 22 is located northeast of Jacobstown in Nevada, and can be found in Fallout New Vegas. There was no experiment, just scientists studying plants. A fungus from Big MT was brought in, which quickly infected everyone and turned them into spore carriers.

The rest of the Vaults wouldn’t fit in the description. Whoops.

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  1. (For Fallout Shelter Beginners like me, who don’t like being copycats.) Here is Every Existing Vault in the Fallout Franchise History;

    Vault 0
    Vault 1
    Vault 3
    Vault 6
    Vault 8
    Vault 11
    Vault 12
    Vault 13
    Vault 15
    Vault 17
    Vault 19
    Vault 21
    Vault 22
    Vault 24
    Vault 27
    Vault 29
    Vault 34
    Vault 36
    Vault 39
    Vault 42
    Vault 43
    Vault 53
    Vault 55
    Vault 56
    Vault 68
    Vault 69
    Vault 70
    Vault 74
    Vault 75
    Vault 76
    Vault 77
    Vault 81
    Vault 87
    Vault 88
    Vault 89
    Vault 92
    Vault 95
    Vault 100
    Vault 101
    Vault 106
    Vault 108
    Vault 111
    Vault 112
    Vault 114
    Vault 118
    Vault 177
    Vault 199
    Vault 314
    Vault 333
    Vault 525
    Vault 730
    Vault 813
    Vault 899
    Vault 909
    Vault-LA/ Vault L.A (Los Angeles Vault)
    Vault-P (Prototype Vault)
    Vault-S (Secret Vault)
    Vault-U (Unfinished Vault)

  2. Vault 100 should have experimented on submitting the inhabitants to a vegetarian diet for 200 years., or experimenting the concept of animal husbandry to an extreme.

  3. 69 is actually very tragic. guy gettin locked in a room for the rest of his life mating everyday with tons of girls. and the worse part is that eventualy his daughters will enter through the door like all the other girls. oh and each son would be killed

  4. Someone should have a map of the us with all the vaults and their numbers marked on them imagine how cool that would be

  5. When people blame "the will of God" as the reason they got pregnant as a teen. Fuck off, ur bad decisions arent the will of any God, you are ignorant.

  6. Technically there is a vault under bradburtons office in Nuka-World, plus vault 76 from the upcoming Fallout 76

  7. my favourite thing about all the fallout games are exploring vaults and getting vault mods I love your work mitten squad congrats!

  8. Some ideas for future vaults.

    Vault 299-Regular working vault, except everything is yellow. Walls, floors, furniture, food, even the vault suits.

    Vault 300-Every dispute between residents must be settled in the cage. With fists

    Vault 301-Residents are shrunk down to 5 inches. Supposedly this saves on resources.

    Vault 302-All the initial residents, including the Overseer, selected for their low IQs. Directions given to Overseer by an advanced AI.

    Vault 303-A loud, grating air horn will sound in the Vault every 15 minutes. For the rest of eternity.

    Vault 304-10 men. 12 women. 1,000 live snakes.

    Vault 305-Initial residents to be composed of 12 obnoxious, 20-something strangers, who will be required to film their daily interactions for posterity, complete with 15 minute confessionals. Unpopular members may be voted out of the vault.

    Vault 305-men and women to be segregated into separate living and working quarters. A local pastor will serve as the first Overseer, giving daily religious instruction to vault residents on the moral dangers of fraternization from his fortified office. (Note: What the Overseer doesn't know is that all the residents have been pre-selected for their raging homosexuality)

    Vault 306-Every item and fixture in the vault must be in odd numbers, including the population. if the Overseer (selected for his extreme OCD) detects an even number of anything, he is authorized to release tear gas.

    Vault 307-similar in concept to Vault 95. Every initial resident of the Vault selected for their obesity and documented eating disorders. To be put on a stringent regimen of exercise and healthy, low-carbs foods. One year into the experiment, a secret compartment containing 500,000 packages of Twinkies to be opened.

    Vault 308-Half the population to consist of East Coast rappers. The other half of West Coast rappers.

    Vault 309-All the male residents chosen because their first name is Louie, all the female residents because their first name is Louis.

    Vault 310-Residents selected exclusively for their left-handedness. Ensure everything in the vault designed for right-handed people.

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