24 thoughts on “Can Women Preach – 3/5/2017 – The Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ, Mobile AL”

  1. Praise the Lord, these women preachers, pastors, elders, are in "rebellion," and the word of God tells us "Rebellion is the sin of Witchcraft. (see 1 Samuel 15:23, KJV). This is a Jezebel spirit running rapid in these Churches today. And there are a bunch of Ahab's allowing this mess. God forbid. This is witchcraft and they are "Witches!!! The Lord showed me this, and it is so sad because they actually think they are right. There is a distinct difference between preaching and prophesying. There are women "Prophetess" in the Old as well as New Testament. The word of God clearly outlines the role of women in the body of Christ. I am praying that they will see the light before it is everlasting too late. I don't argue with them. I am just praying, I have had encounters with them and some of them were vicious when I attempted to correct them.

  2. Yes I want to ax you a question about woman preaching I call people cording to the scriptures the woman cannot preach what they told me the the Holy Spirit gives them permission So I say to myself God is a God the doesn't lie it is written there woman should not speak or preach So can you give me an understanding what was going on How can you help me understand is it OK or is not OK the best of your answer

  3. Thank you for standing on the TRUTH of the Word!! It us amazing how women say they were called to Pastor… not only is it sad, and a sin… its utter foolishness that they think they can just skip these verses… New Testament, because they will try to feed you "I will pour out my Spirit on all flesh "… totally out of context. Bless you sir!

  4. Good preaching my brother just love ❤️ I don't love a woman to preach to me I love men as preachers .since I am a little girl I see men preaching all the time.good teaching pastor I love this kind of teaching

  5. 1 Corinthians 14:34 let the women keep silence in the churches: for it is not permitted unto them to speak; but let them be in subjection, as also saith the law.1 Corinthians 14:35 And if they will learn any thing, let them ask their husbands at home: for it is a shame for women to speak in the church.1 Corinthians 14:33 For God is not the author of confusion, but of peace, as in all churches of the saints.we want bible amen pastor

  6. Is it God more concern that the man only has authorised to preach the gospel of God?
    I believed God is more concern to the lost souls back to him that is why God gave his son Jesus Christ for us to be save.
    That is why too many souls going to he'll because those pastors are busy convincing people that only man can preach. I think God is more concern to preach his gospel to all. If God gave his son Jesus Christ just to gave his limitation that only a man can share
    See if no man or woman is available to be used by God maybe God use the stone just to share the gospel of God.
    Pastor do not make busy yourself preaching that only man can preach while here in middle east people are dying everyday and just because there is no man available to be used by God so God allowed those people to perish???

    GOD ALMIGHTY gave his son to us for us to be save and God commanded us to go and preach the gospel of God and to reconcile those people back to him.
    while we are waiting here in middle east to the qualified man whom you said
    then we woman are just only watching every day for those people die and we are not allow to preach.

    Pastor stop pleasing a man the impiortant here is we reconcile those people back to God and there are too many souls need salvation at this time satan make double time to bring souls to hell. … why not we as a children of God helping in one with other and make tripple times to preach the gospel of God rather than you make busy and convincing woman can not preach
    God is more concern to those souls than stopping woman to bring those souls back to him.

    If God punish me because of leading and preaching those people back to God and share his gospel is because I love God
    Then let God to punish me alone rather those people are still ignorant and still don't receive salvation

    Where you can find in the bible that God hate the woman because she shared the good new and the love of Christ to all


  8. Should a woman stick needles in her eyes, just because she can?

    God's authority structure is God 》》》Man》》》Woman.

    The devil's is Satan》》》Woman》》》Man.

    Submit to one or the other. God gave us his structure and order in his written instruction book.

  9. Even the catholic church has this one point correct,you will never see a woman in front of the congrigation never….
    They know a man stands in a place of Yahweh our Elohim.

  10. So you think you A-dam? DUST? This Book is about The Female her Seed and the Serpent and 'his" Seed stop me when I go wrong, But what does that have to do with re-ligion? This is a book of Who's Who. ministerkmurry, Let me take you back to Genes-is 1 through 2:4 O.T. but Let's start with IN we look at this WORD and by us not being Englishmen we Ass-U-Me that we know the definitions of it and that it is just the First/Alpha WORD of the bible lets get a few definitions for IN: Welcome, Original, First, First Ever, True to Nature, Virgin, Maiden, Papacy, Come Forth, Be Born, In the Mist of, Co-create, Engender, Baptize, Soul, Lawful, Law, True to Nature, Seat of Power, Septer, Rod, Staff, Central body, Navel, Nuclesus, Key Figure, Heart, Consulship, Vital Center, Loyal, Faithful, Maidenhood, Give Rise to, Create, Effect, Beget, Set in Motion, Rank, Authority, Bonding, Engage, Join Oneself To, Self-Rule, Be Partners, Partake, Lawful, LAW.

    I could Go on But God Said I AM Alpha and Omega The First and The Last. That brings me to A-men which I call thee Witiness/Amen: Welcome, Original, Genuine, True, Correct, Binding, With All One's Heart and Soul, Join or Identify Oneself with, Give One's Voice For, Hear Hear, Allow, Lend Oneself to, Cogent, True to the Spirit, Like-Mindedness, Real, Is Real, Verdic, Come To Be, Come To Pass, Become A Reality, True to the Spirit, Sufficient, Legal, Legitimate, Binding, LAW, A Self-Evident Truth, Gospel, IN Agreement So Be IT. Now Paster Why You not teaching IN and Amen the Seed/Son(S) of the Female Genes-is 1:11 Thee Fruit Tree Whose Seed/Son(S) IS and WAS IN/BAPTIZED It-Self Upon the Face of the Earth. You Ain't A-dam and I Ain't Eve-L who were NAKED NO Carbon/Melanin. O.T. Genes-is 1 through 2:3 "Her-Story. Genesis 2:4 His-Story where we seperate thee Wheat from the Chaff. I Female Create the Male Child IN/Baptized My Own Image. I Know My Son(S) Beginning But Can He tell me Mine and I AM NOT that First Transgender Eve-L Bone of his Bone Flesh of his Flesh (Really?) I Change NOT!!!!

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