1963 The Year That Changed Everything

1963 The Year That Changed Everything

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1963 changed the direction of the country and Birmingham, Alabama was front and center through it all. “1963- The Year That Changed Everything” chronicles many of the events that happened that year. See and hear first-hand accounts of the boycotts, the Children’s March, the integration of the University of Alabama, and the tragic bombing of the 16th Street Baptist Church. This film offers unique insight into the conditions so prevalent in the South at the time, and the bravery of those who were determined to change things. The film features special appearances by Carolyn McKinstry, Shelley Stewart, Sara Collins Rudolph, Barnett Wright, Joe Langston, Dr. Jesse Lewis and some of the unsung “foot-soldiers,” who as children, marched and were jailed.
A film by John Jenkins. 59 Minutes. Wide Screen. HD.

7 thoughts on “1963 The Year That Changed Everything”

  1. Aaaahhh….1963. The year of my birth. Three years earlier my Mother at 18 had left Birmingham Alabama, where she was born and raised. She moved to Los Angeles CA, where she met my father who was from New Orleans LA

  2. Thank you very much for this film. I hope this gets more views, especially after the special election in Alabama which took place on 12.12.17 nearly electing a child molesting, misogynistic, racist unconstitutional man to the Senate.
    It is frightening what a close call that was, with the massive turnout by the black community of Alabama making the difference.

  3. and made conspiracy stories on tv about who killed JFK and MLK

    and the church was bombed just months apart from JFK dying………… Martin Luther King died just months before Robert Kennedy was killed…… Robert Kennedy stood up for MLK after he died and tried to calm people down and they killed him for that and he was white.
    "White Supremacists Bombing of the 16th St Baptist Church in 1963 in Birmingham, killing 4 little girls"
    Why do they still say "the KKK did it"……… the guy who did it admitted he was Jewish Israeli and it was to start race war, and they admitted to killing JFK right after this bombing………… and killing Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy right after that. ….. they KKK doesnt bomb churches.

    I'm from Alabama and I'm tired of hearing how racist white people are because they are white. because media say they are…. look who has controlled media since 1955…… it aint blonde haired blue eyed people.
    "dumb Pollock's" and every other anti white thing today. then media wants to constantly talk about someone killed in "Money" Mississippi……. 200 people were murdered in Mississippi in 1955 and they want to act like black people only killed other black people…………………. because Israel will kill a president and Martin Luther King but not a kid in Mississippi to put in the news?

  4. i don't understand how this video only has 829 views and 14 likes. this is a video EVERYONE should see and present in school. thank you for this!

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